Film ID:
NEFA 21645



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An amateur film made by a member of the Cleveland Cine Club of performers and spectators at the 12th International Billingham Folklore Festival in 1976

The film begins with a group of Cuban dancers performing on a stage surrounded by a large crowd watching from the stands. The men are playing drums and wearing white outfits with red neckties. The women women wear elaborately coloured dresses. The Cuban flag is flown.

The film changes to show a Czechoslovakian group performing on the stage beside a man holding their national flag.  In pairs couples dance around the stage.

Lettering on the side of a building reads ‘Billingham’, probably the Billingham Forum.

A group of performers walk off stage behind their flag. The film cuts to another group walking across the stage. A television camera records the events. In the stands members of the audience begin to clap. Spectators look down from office windows onto the stage below. Another television camera records the dancers from an elevated platform.

Behind the stands a group of performers begin to walk onto the stage. Performing, they are watched by people in the office buildings.

A number of billboards hanging on the walls of the Billingham Form reads ‘14th – 21st August. This is Billingham’ and ‘Welcome the World’. The film ends with views of the stage and more groups perform for the crowds.