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YFA 486



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This film contains footage of a bi-plane exhibition and a family outing to the beach.

A plane is sitting on the grass and then begins to move off; there are other planes on the field too and some of them are flying in the air. A crowd of men are standing at the side of the field watching the planes. There is a shot of a parachute coming down to earth and landing on the grass.

Two young men and two young women are at a table dealing cards; occasionally they look at the camera and laugh. As they play cards, they joke about and laugh with each other. One of the men passes a cigarette to one of the women and she takes a few drags of it. When the game ends they all take turns to throw their cards onto the table.

A young boy is on the beach with a cricket bat. An unseen bowler throws him the ball, and on several occasions, he tries to hit the ball. Then an older man has the bat and hits the ball.

Following this there are lingering shots of a woman who smiles and talks to the camera; she licks what appears to be a shell and throws it onto the sand. In the next shot there is a man behind her with his arm around her shoulder; they smile at the camera and she pokes his nose.

Several women are standing together in what appears to be an amusement park; they smile and laugh at the camera and when the camera is pointed out to some of them they become shy.

Two men and a woman are on the beach in their bathing suits. Two of them stand on the thighs of the second man and he holds them both up. Then the woman gets onto his back and almost falls off him, and the first man does the same thing.