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This amateur love story tells the story of a Cullercoats fish lass and her first love who longs to sail the seas. When he gets a post on the ship S.S. Moontide, she is heartbroken. She counts the days until his return. Tragically, her sweetheart dies in an accident on board ship just days before he is due back home. When she learns the news, she throws herself from the cliffs and is killed. Locations include Whitley Bay, St Mary’s Island and Cullercoats on the North Tyneside coast.  The film is a Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) production.  

Title: Beyond the Horizon

Title: A Story of the Northumbrian Coast

General view of cobles moored in a bay at dawn (either Newbiggin-by-the-Sea or Cullercoats).


Scenario – Janet Cameron

Photography – T. E. White


Directed by Ruby Longhurst


The Fishergirl Played by Ruby Burns

A fishergirl stands on the cliffs, St. Mary’s Island and lighthouse in the background. She scans the horizon out at sea.

Credit: The Fisherboy played by Allan Hogg

The fishergirl and boy stand on the cliffs at their favourite spot on the North Tyneside coast.

Credit: The Girl’s Mother Played by M. A. White

The fishergirl’s mother is seated at a small stall heaped with seafood outside a row of fishermen’s cottages. (This may be Simpson Street in Cullercoats.)

General view of seagulls on rocks by the sea. Waves roll onto the rocky coastline. The beautiful young fish lass, with her basket of bait, mussels and crabs, stands on the coast looking out to sea. A boy clambers around the rocky cliff, and joins the fish lass on the cliffs. He points out to sea where a fishing boat is sailing back to shore.

Title: ‘Someday I too shall sail beyond the horizon’

The boy takes the girl’s basket, and hand-in-hand the sweethearts make their way onto the beach. Briefly they lounge on the sand. He pulls something from his pocket for her. Then they head back home.

The couple walk to the fishergirl’s home, the seafood stall still outside the cottage. They say goodbye.

The fishergirl greets her mother inside. The mother is seated at the kitchen table knitting, a roaring fire in the kitchen range. They lay the table for a meal.

Title: The Call of the Sea

The young boy watches a fishing boat head out to sea again. The girl briefly joins him on the beach.

Title: One Sunday Morning

A church bell rings. People head along the beach towards the church, walking in couples, including the fishergirl and boy. They attend a Sunday morning church service. (The church may be St George’s, Cullercoats, or Saint Bartholomew's Church, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea). Soon they emerge from the graveyard. The fisherboy and girl stand on the cliff once more and look out to sea. They cuddle.

Men are hanging around outside a shipyard, which is advertising for ship’s crew.

Title: “S.S. Moontide” Men Wanted

The fisherboy reads the poster advertising for men to sail on the Moontide. He emerges from the shipyard, and dawdles a moment on the pavement. A man hands him his ship’s papers. He rushes off, receiving a pat on the back by a gentleman passing by. He has signed up for the voyage.

Later, down at the port he boards the ship and speaks to an officer on deck.

Back on the rocky coastline, the boy searches for his girlfriend. He greets her.

Title: “Look! – In two days I shall know what is beyond the horizon – “

They look at his ship’s papers together. Arm-in-arm, they head back to her mother’s cottage. He says goodbye. Remaining outside the door, the fishergirl is upset, dabbing her tears with a handkerchief.

A family (of women) including the fish lass and her mother walk the boy on board ship to say farewell. Other sailors with their bags and cases follow him up the steps. Overhead shot of the sweetheart’s farewell kiss. Then he climbs the stairs to his first voyage.

Title: End of Part One

Title: Weary Days

The fish lass stares through the window of her mother’s cottage gloomily. The mother walks out into the street, calling her daughter. The mother loads the baskets onto her daughter’s back and pushes the daughter off up the street to work.

The girl delivers her basket of seafood to a woman at a 1930s semi-detached house.

Title: Two months later

General views of a large ship. A sailor calls up to another perched on the ship’s mast. The sailor accidently knocks something off the mast to the deck below. The crew rush over and drag out the injured boy. They lay him on deck, feel his brow, check his heart. They take off their caps in respect. The boy is dead.

Back by the coast, the lovesick fishergirl is seated gloomily at the stall outside her home. Two women stop by her table to buy some seafood. The young girl is miles away and doesn’t notice. The mother comes out, shakes her moping daughter, wraps up the crabs and takes their money.

A messenger leaves the shipyard. A postman delivers a letter to the young fishergirl as she walks home from her deliveries. She rushes off.

She races along the beach to their favourite spot opposite St Mary’s Island. She slumps onto the cliff top and takes out the letter from her sweetheart to read. It says that he will be home in 5 days on December 1st and asks her to meet him at the boat. She hurries off.

Calendar dates slip by, from 27th November to the date of his arrival.

On 1st December, the girl dolls herself up for the return of her boyfriend. She is now dressed in contemporary 1930s clothes. She kisses the letter and leaves. Her mother once more takes up her seat in front of the fire and begins to knit.

The young girl waits at the steps to the ship. She asks some other sailors leaving the ship about her boyfriend. They gesture towards the ship. The Captain comes down the steps towards her.

Title: “I am sorry miss. He was accidently killed two days ago.”

He tries to comfort her. She walks away, in shock.

Walking in a trance, she makes her way home past the row of fishermen’s cottages.

Title: At Eventide

Her mother calls her daughter outside. The daughter begins to wash a basket in a tin tub, but she drops it, kicks the tub, and storms off.

She returns to the cliffs, clambering up to the place she used to sit with her sweetheart. She lays her head on the cliff and weeps, heartbroken, St Mary’s Island in the background. She takes a few steps and throws herself from the cliff onto the rocks below. Overhead shot of her body lying on the rocks.

The sea crashes onto the rocks.

Title: “They that go down to the sea in ships,

“That do business in “Great Waters – “

Title: “These see the works of the Lord

“And His wonders on the deep”

General view of moonlight on a calm sea.

Title: The End