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YFA 3803



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This is a film of a group of youths at the Bewerley Outdoor Pursuit Centre. They take part in various activities at a lake, in the mountains and at the sea; including, rock climbing, kayaking, sailing and caving.

The film begins with a group cave diving. The film switches to a group heading off in a Land Rover pulling a trailer loaded with kayaks. They arrive at a campsite by the sea, where they set up tents and cook a meal. Some lads have a game of football. They then take down their tents, pack up, and head off again. They take the kayaks down to the beach at Filey and go out to in the choppy sea. After a while they replace the kayaks back onto the trailer and take them to a lake, where they again go out on them. In the evening they gather around a fire.

The film switches to the group walking over some snowy mountains. Back at the centre they again set off, this time with small sailing boats, which they take to the lake. One of the boats capsizes. They load them back onto the trailer and set off with a rubber dingy on top of the land rover. They visit a coastal area with the tide out. They set up the masks on the sailing boats and head out to sea. They then take a coastal walk over the cliffs, before going rock climbing, before the film comes to an end.