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YFA 4581



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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and is about a system of stackable storage units that can be used in a variety of industries. In this film it uses footage from a carpet factory.

Title-Boltless Systems


Title-Better Storage more Profit.

The voiceover begins by giving an explanation of all the advantages of this system.

Title-More Profit
Overheads Reduced
Re-Organisation simplified
Expansion Made Easy

Production space released
Reduction in stock damage
Operating costs lower
Financial Outlay Minimised
Inventory Easily Controlled
Transport Better Used

Title-Boltless Systems, Better Storage.

The voiceover describes the components of the system, the end pieces and the beams and by use of images describes how versatile, economical and easy the system is to use. The voiceover continues on to use the Automated Carpet Warehouse at Horwich for Bond Worth as an example of a company that uses the system. It is probably the biggest warehouse in Europe, and the huge storage system is serviced by a Monorail stacker crane.

Following this is a sequence of shots showing the monorail crane taking a roll of carpet and slowly moving it all the way along the storage units and up to the correct section all in one go. There are shots of the rows and rows of neatly stored carpets with the use of the Boltless Storage System. The voiceover says that warehouses are built around the storage systems and that this one is so good that one carpet goes into and out of the warehouse every minute.

Title-Voice-Geoffrey Wheeler.

Title-Production-C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-Better Storage Boltless Systems.

Title-Manufactured at Telford, England.