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YFA 1716



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Part of the BBC Planning For People Series, this film focuses on the redevelopment of Bradford. This film is about the application for an extension to the Leeds Bradford Airport runway. The airport has been losing passengers and wants to expand to include some flights to Western Europe to improve the situation. Local people who live on housing estates at the Leeds end of the airport are objecting to this on the grounds of air pollution.

The film opens with an aerial view of the airport. There is an interview with the Airport Director followed by the airport customer lounge and facilities. The Director of Yorkshire and Humberside Development Association is interviewed. He is keen for the airport to expand. His interview is accompanied by footage of passengers leaving a British Airways plane and an interview with a gentleman from the Airport Action Committee. View of plane landing. There are further interviews with all three men and footage of fields surrounding the airport and planes taking off.

The President of LACAN (Leeds and Bradford Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise) is interviewed. This group was formed from a group of people who live on the housing estates near to the airport and who are concerned about noise pollution. There is footage of the housing estates with a plane flying over as well as press publicity stills and a close up of sound monitoring equipment. Planes can be seen on the runway, and there is a still of a map which shows how close people live to the airport. LACAN win the argument but the Airport reapplies for planning permission. There is an interview with the Chief Executive of Bradford Metropolitan Council who believes the Airport expansion will be successful. This is accompanied by stills of plans of the airport, shots of the airport, the housing estates around it, British Airways plane on the runway, and the airport lounge with very few people around.

The Secretary of LACAN is interviewed, and he expresses his concern about night flights. There is also an interview with the Airport Director followed by shots of Cockridge and Ida Hospital Sign. Interview with the Secretary of LACAN who says the noise from the Viscount aircraft is above that which is allowed for hospitals. Further interviews, footage of the airport lounge and of the motorway. There is an aerial view of the airport followed by a close-up of a 1969 report about planning. The film closes with views of a plane landing.

Commentary: Derek Cooper.

Sound: Ted Read, John Pearce.

Photography: Michael Shepherd, Adrian Goddington.

Film Editor: Peter Dunbar.

Written and produced by Gordon Croton.