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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and looks at several business courses that are provided by the Manpower Services Commission for people who want to set up their own businesses. There are interview with some of the course developers as well as some of the people who went on the courses.

Title-A Better Bet

The film begins with close-up shots of a letter being typed on a typewriter; the camera zooms in on the word `liquidation'. The voiceover says that too many small company lack knowledge and knowhow and that is why too many of them fail. He continues on to say that when somebody considers setting up their own business they usually consult solicitors, accountants and high street banks; there are shots of several banks and a man who meets up with a bank manager to talk through a business proposal.

The Manpower Services Commission sponsors a range of business training programmes: New Enterprise Programme, Small Business Courses and Self Employment Courses. The man who developed these courses talks to the camera and discusses the reasons that somebody would do one of these courses and details the benefits.

Durham University Business School runs one of these courses and the course director talks about why small businesses generally fail and what the student will learn and how that will help their company to succeed. There are shots of some of the people working on computers and attending lectures. The course creator talks about what the students have to do on the courses and he explains that as well as taking notes, there is also one-to-one discussion time with bank managers.

In the following scene is a shot of the Northumbria Computer Print Ltd where a former student of one of the courses has set up his own business. He talks about why and how he did it. Another man talks about the wooden toy business that he set up and he also discusses the reasons for doing it.

Title-A C.H. Wood/500 Video Production sponsored by MSC, Manpower Services Commission.