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YFA 4278



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This is a film showing various aspects of family life including playing in the garden, visiting people on a farm and on holiday.

A woman and two young girls in flowery dresses are in a park admiring a statue of a nymph. There are flower beds and a nearby house. Children are running in a garden where a man is tending the plants. The children are then playing in a nearby field and a group of people are on horseback. Two girls are playing in their garden in a plastic water bath. A woman pours water on them from a watering can. A car is shown arriving (with a GB plate) at a town, possibly in France, and then people are swimming in the sea. Nearby there are old houses on the coast. A small girl and boy play with the sand on a beach. They then walk around the town, which has an old market. A car is being lifted onto a ferry. The coast is filmed from on board a boat before returning to the beach. There are some historic buildings and then a plane lands at an airport and passengers get off. The film then switches to show St Paul's Cathedral and other sights in London; with a ride along the Thames, the changing of the Guard and various animals in London Zoo.

The film switches to people in a swimming pool in a back garden and a girl on a swing. The film switches again to an old cathedral, some fields and the front of the 'Queen's Hotel'. Two girls are collecting stones on a pebbled beach with their coats on. There are some cows and two men, a woman and a girl come out of the front door of a house. Joined by some other children they walk down a country lane. Someone is water skiing in an estuary. Two boats cross the estuary on a small ferry where there are other boats. They are again swimming in the sea where others are sat on deckchairs on the beach.

The film switches to a procession led by two people on horseback and a marching band. A girl walks by with a placard which states: "Police Notice: No Waiting'. Others are in fancy dress and there are floats and vintage cars with bunting.

Then back in the garden of the first house a woman leads a pony down to the fence. A girl then rides the pony together with others on horseback. Back to the estuary where a boat (M1124) is coming in. Cars cross the estuary on a bigger ferry. The family join other people down by the sea watching the waves crash against the coastal wall. They are then playing in the sea and there are some items laid out in an outdoor museum. The beach is filmed from above on a cliff top. There is more playing on the beach before switching back to the farm where sheep and lambs are being herded and the film comes to an end.