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YFA 322



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family motor trip through Norway, Sweden and Denmark, accompanied by their mascot, 'Pluto'.

Title - Bergen to the Baltic 'The story of a motor trip through Norway, Sweden and Denmark'.

Intertitle - 'Viking Melk'

The film starts with two men loading luggage onto a roof rack of their car (reg. HJG 109) before setting out. They are waved off by their wives.

Intertitle - Tyne Commission Quay

Their car arrives at the dock where a ship is moored next to the Bergen Line building. The car joins a queue of others which are being searched by customs officers. They board the ship, 'Venus'. A tug boat, 'Impetus', tows them out. On the journey over, passengers sit on the deck. A small rubber model of the Disney character 'Pluto' is comically clinging on to the rigging. They journey along the coast, filming other ships and boats, finally arriving at Bergen harbour, where they drive off.

Intertitle - Lets look down on Bergen

They take a tram up the hillside and look down onto the town down below. School children take an interest in their camera.

Intertitle - Grieg lived near Bergen and much of his music was composed in a tiny chalet overlooking the lake

The lake and the chalet are shown, and the view of the lake from Grieg's desk.

Intertitle - We are due to sail for Alesund at 10.30pm

A crane lifts their car onto a ferry in the evening dusk.

Intertitle - Early next morning

They take a long trip along the coast, showing the atmospheric sky as the sun goes down. A boy has some fun with Pluto. As they approach Alesund Harbour, people are grouped on the dockside to meet the passengers. A small girl peers over the side. Their car is unloaded from the boat, the 'Hakon Jarl'. There are a couple of advertising posters, for 'Viking Melk' and 'Copals' 'Batlakk'. Mist descends over a lake and there is a rainbow.

Intertitle - Morning in Andalsnes

Mrs Chislett looks down onto the village from their accommodation, with mountains all around. They pack their luggage into the car, watched by Pluto, and filled up with petrol. Mrs Chislett and a boy accompanying her pick some berries near a lake. There is a sign for 'Vengesdalen Bompenger'. They arrive at their next destination, a wooden hut in a mountain valley. Mrs Chislett fetches water from a mountain stream. They light a fire and have their evening meal outside looking at the scenery. The family go for a walk, crossing a river.

Intertitle - Next day we take the road to Valdal

They arrive at the Grand Hotel Bellevue, from where an American forces family are departing. Pluto looks on. They drive through a valley, stopping to look, Pluto as well, at the misty mountains, the fast flowing rivers, waterfalls and the long and winding road. They stop for lunch at the Trollstigheiben Restaurant. Mrs and Mrs Chislett walk along a road. At Valdal they board a ferry. The boy and Pluto walk up a steep snowy bank. They film the hotel at which they are staying.

Intertitle - Inland to Eastern Norway and Oslo

They pass more lakes and mountains, shrouded in mist and clouds. Pluto takes a tumble. They stop near a river. A goods train goes past. On another river timber is being floated downstream. They arrive at a small town, with children playing in a playground with swings and roundabouts.

Intertitle - Oslo Fjord

They arrive in Oslo, filming some streets scenes.

Intertitle - Gustav Vigeland's Sculpture Park in Oslo.

They take a tour of the park, with children playing in the fountains. From here they travel by boat around the dock, and then drive on.

Intertitle - Over the Swedish frontier bound for Stockholm

They stop at the frontier checkpoint.

Intertitle - Royal City of waterways and graceful bridges

They film the local attractions of Stockholm, some from on board a pleasure boat. The touring group, including perhaps Rachel and her boyfriend, pose from the camera. They visit a zoo and show the city lights at night time.

Intertitle - Late next day we cross to Elsinore in Denmark

Their car is parked in a street.

Intertitle - Exploring Copenhagen

Again, they film the local attractions, some from on board a pleasure boat on the river/canal and out at sea, where there is an old sailing ship. A locomotive backs onto a train on a ferry and pulls it off, followed by cars and motorbikes.

Intertitle - Odense, home of Hans Christian Anderson

The small town is filmed, with groups of children visiting the house of Hans Christian Anderson.

Intertitle - Homeward bound via Esbjerg

They board the ship, along with a large cargo of barrels of Danish butter. Again their car is hoisted on board and they make the journey back to Newcastle.

The End