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YFA 491



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This film is a compilation of family trips, activities, and local scenes in Scarborough and the Ripon area as well as scenes of a flooded Bentley.

The film opens with crowds gathered around a war memorial. A man addresses a very large crowd which is gathered in front of the monument. There is a lingering shot of all of the wreaths laid at the foot of the monument.

Brief shot of a woman talking to the camera. Following this there is a shot of two young boys in a park. The younger boy is in a metal bin and the older boy is standing behind his laughing.

Shots of a miniature train ride, possibly at Scarborough, with open carriages for the public. As it passes by the camera, the people are visible, and some of them smile and wave. There is another brief scene of a picnic; a young boy and three young women are sitting on the grass eating and drinking.

Strong waves crash into an inlet in a pier wall. Three people are visible on a bridge over the sea, and they wave at the camera. A few moments later, they come running down some steps towards the camera.

Shots of the sea taken from the beach; a woman and her son walk along the beach and smile at the camera. A dog sits on the sand and this is followed by a shot of a puppy.

The young boy sits in a stationary car and pretends to drive it. Then there is a shot of a couple, possibly his parents, sitting against the car eating. There are lots of cars parked on the beach and there is another shot of the couple but this time the man is lying down on the sand.

There are shots of a flooded street in Bentley. A horse and cart drive through the water and a post man cycles through the floods. Some residents are standing at their doors looking at the floods and at some other houses a cart pulls up in the driveway to transport people away. Two men sit on a motorbike and drive it through the floods.

The next shots are of the countryside; a large, domed building is up on a hill overlooking the valley. There are numerous shots of the forests and streams, possibly Hackfall, near Ripon. Then there is a shot of a woman and her son under some trees in a park, and they pose and smile for the camera.

There are a few family members in a garden, and the young boy, a man and two women look at the camera. The women tend to the bushes in the garden. Following this there are shots of two younger women in the garden dressed up in costumes for a parade in Marsden, near Huddersfield. They pose and smile for the camera. There are lots of people of all ages dressed in fancy dress costumes, and there are numerous floats and bands driving along in the parade. The two young women from the garden are on a float together.

A plane is in the air doing loops and dives; a woman is standing up through the roof of the car watching the show. Following this there are a few shots from the countryside; a few people walk across a hump-back bridge and there are some deer in a field.

Two men cycle down a residential street on bicycles. They cycle them in a funny manner and swerve all over the place. The last shot from this film is of several member of the family on a beach beside the sea. They run up the beach when the waves get to near and one of the men falls down.