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YFA 480



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This film features a compilation of items including motorcycle racing, horse racing, the Bentley Floods, and take-off and landing of an Imperial Airways biplane.

The film opens with motorcycle racing, mostly uphill, with spectators lined up along the sides cheering.

Title - A few shots at the Stadium Grass Track Racing
Title - Twister Holmes gets the cup - presented by Mrs. Fogg
Title - Mr. O’Gallagher has a few words with Mr. Renolds
The two men discuss the motorbike before more racing scenes.
Title - Sheffield Speedway!!
Small cars race at the speedway, and drivers can be seen getting in and out of the race cars.
Title - The Faster Motor Club Staged This
Racing possibly at Oliver's Mount, Scarborough - Motorbikes go around a sharp curve, one of which falls over.  There is more racing on the road, and some if the motorcycles have sidecars. 

A next portion of the film briefly features Horse Racing.  For this particular race, crowds of spectators have turned out for the event.  (Possibly at racing track in York.)

In Bentley, near Doncaster, flood waters rush though and fill the town streets.  Some of the townspeople stand on a bridge which is now nearly as high as the water level in the town.  Near the Town Garage, North Road Motor Co., some townspeople manage to make their way through the more shallow parts of the flood.  There are a few horse and buggies which are able to pass by as well as some motor cars.  One man has to abandon his carriage, though another townsperson does come by to help.  Additionally, there are a few double-decker buses as well as a few people in a row boat navigating the flood waters. 

The final portion of the film features bi-planes from the Imperial Airways.  There is a flying sequence with a three engine plane including the plane in the air as well as take-off and landing.   (Bi plane reg no. GEBYW.  Bi plane reg no. GABSI.)