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YFA 5863



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Made by Eddie Percy of Settle, this is a film of an agricultural show, the opening of a new bus shelter in Giggleswick, and a day out in Rhyl.

The film begins with some young adults on horses in a field set out with fences for show jumping.  In the background is the factory of W & J Pye, corn millers.  Then there is a parade of different breeds of dairy cows, bulls, and heavy horses, all led around the field.  

Next there is a road sign for Giggleswick, and the surrounding landscape can be seen.  A single deck orange and black bus is stopped at a bus stop, and there are people who board the bus.  A large group of people are gathered at the bus stop.  A woman with a pram stops to talk to two elderly ladies seated on a bench nearby.  A man makes a speech from the top of the steps leading to the bus shelter to those assembled, as other buses and traffic pass by.

Children and adults are at a roller skating venue in Rhyl.  They are in the section for beginner skaters, and most of them are unable to stand on their feet for very long.  Next to them is a ring for accomplished skaters.  The novice skaters practice keeping upright, holding onto specially built rails, and there are a few children who have mastered it.  There are then some fairground rides, including a caterpillar, a Helter-Skelter, and some small young girls on a car ride on tracks.

The next section of film shows a marching band processing through a large town square.  They are watched by spectators on a seafront.  The band marches through the town, past a fish and chip shop and the Lounge Café.  A mother and daughter are on the seafront, standing in front of a theatre which has and advertisement for Prince’s International Circus.  Children are swimming in the boating lake.  The film finishes showing a sunset over the sea, with seagulls.