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YFA 1804



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This is a documentary on the restoration of the 18th century Beningbrough Hall.  It shows the Hall and grounds before and after the restoration as well as the opening ceremony.  It was made alongside film 1803, with some different footage, a different sequence and a slightly different commentary.

Review No. 85
Title - Beningbrough Reborn

The film starts with view of the Hall, with the commentary stating the connection with the architect William Thornton, and giving some history of the Hall.  The film shows the grounds of the house and then the inside of the house before restoration work began.  There is a tour of the house and grounds including the vegetable area to become a picnic area, the greenhouses to become a restaurant, the stable block to become a shop and exhibition area, the trees to become a car park, and the old laundry to be renovated.

Other parts of the Hall and grounds are also shown in their old state, with the commentary explaining their new functions.  Floorboards have been taken up for re-wiring. The film goes through the house explaining all the changes that were made. The National Portrait Gallery brings out some paintings, shown being restored and hung on the walls.

Then the Opening is shown, with speeches by Sir Marcus Worseley, John Hayes the Director of the National Portrait Gallery, and Sir Hugh Casson, the President of the Royal Academy.

Film Crew
Ken Brinsley
Derek Little
Ray Poole

Gabriel Woolf

Eddie Tilley

Deh-Ta Hsiung

PITT, David

Robert Kruger

Production Company National Coal Board
Made for the National Trust by NCB Film Unit 1980