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NEFA 21283



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This amateur sponsored footage of sidecar racing and motorcycle scramble races (with and without sidecars) at Belmont Park, near Durham, was filmed for St Andrews Motors, a dealership for Norton and Vincent motorbikes on Gallowgate in Newcastle upon Tyne. Motorcycle marques in the races include Ariel, BSA and Norton. The film was produced by George Cummin and colleagues at the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA). Belmont Scrambles took place in April and July 1957.

Motorcycles and sidecars are parked up at Belmont Park, Durham, before the start of a sidecar race and scramble events. Motorcyclists check their bikes and curious young lads hang around watching.

Some motorcyclists are at a refreshments stand.

The official starter brings down the flag for the start of a motorcycle and sidecar race. Contestants are off to a fast start.

The motorcyclists emerge over a ridge on the rough grass track. General view of part of the hilly terrain, spectators watching along the course. One competitor almost overtakes another on a muddy hill. Another competitor (No. 100) gets stuck and has to be push started by race officials or bystanders. A motorcyclist races off into the distance, the Durham countryside in the background. Two contestants take a bend very close to spectators watching beside the track. A general view of motorcycle duos racing up one of the hillsides, a large crowd now watching from the natural hill grandstands.

More action footage follows of the two-man teams, sidecar passengers leaning out to take the corners at speed on one of the laps.

Another competitor has to be pushed up and over a steep ridge to restart the bike. Riders race off around a corner.

Individual motorcycle competitors are at the starting position in single file for a scramble event. There are portrait shots of some of the riders. Spectators stand with some riders beside the course. One motorcyclist puts on a new T shirt, smiling at the camera. Competitor No. 86 is fixing his bike with a young lad in a helmet helping. Competitor No. 49 chats to another motorcyclist in between races. They grin at the camera.

The crowd mill around in between races. A line of competitors awaits the start of a race. They are flagged off by the official starter. One competitor has to get a push start.

Action shots follow of the riders tackling the course, with spectators lining the route, particularly on the hillside grandstand. Riders dramatically leap over one of the ridges on the track, with spectators only yards away.

Various shots follow the action, the camera positioned close to the track at one point along the course. Overhead view of a downhill section of the course, then further motorcycling action shots.

A motorcyclist is helped after a tumble, his bike flat on the ground. Competitors head for the finish line. Other motorcyclists are still negotiating the course.

The winning three motorcyclists (Nos. 4, 86 and 49) pull up at the side of the home stretch after completing the race. Competitor No. 4 is presented with the winner’s trophy. A woman shakes his hand and they pose for the camera.

Competitors ride off into the distance on the Belmont Park course at the end of the event.