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YFA 3824



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This is a comical, narrative film made by members of Beighton Centre.

Title - Members of Beighton Centre with Keith Chambers and Mandy in Clever Dick

The film opens with teenagers playing pool, darts and table tennis. A few girls are chatting and laughing. A young man, who is very smartly dressed, enters and signs in at reception. The other youth club members obviously know him and feign looks of amazement when he enters the club. The young man has signed in as "Dick Clever."

One of the other youth club members is playing pool when Dick Clever takes over from him and plays a pool shot. The shot is very good and pots many of the balls on the table. A young girl then comes along, takes over, and plays a shot which pots every single pool ball. She scores higher than Dick Clever which causes a crowd of girls to clap and cheer.

Next is a game of darts. Dick Clever takes over playing from another boy and throws a very good score. The young girl who beat Dick Clever at pool then takes a turn at darts. She scores three bullseye shots much to the amazement of Dick Clever and all other onlookers.

There are a few shots of young people socializing before the boys move onto table tennis. Dick Clever takes over from one of the players to show them how the game should really be played. He then plays a few shots and wins every point. The young girl then plays against Dick Clever. She hits a shot with such strength that the ball goes straight through his bat and into someone's cup of tea. Dick Clever looks very angry and goes to beat up the young girl. Luckily she manages to move from his hand to punch him in the stomach. The on-looking girls cheer at her triumph. Finally, the young girl shows Dick Clever the door and waves goodbye to him as he leaves.