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YFA 3876



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This film contains footage of windmills including Alford Windmill, located in Lincolnshire, is a five-sailed windmill. Today the windmill has been restored to working order, and grinds grain to organic flour. It also features Skidby Mill located in Cottingham.

On a red table, two bags of wholemeal flour, a measuring cup, and a yellow bowl are laid out. There is a close up of the bag of flour (Alford wind mill, stone ground Wholemeal flour) underneath the picture of a windmill (Behold a Giant).

The film opens with exterior shots of the windmill and countryside. Three people walk past the bottom of the windmill where the blades are rotating, and from here, they look up at the windmill and its rotating blades. Two people walk up the wooden steps and towards the entrance of the windmill. Inside the windmill, the blades are seen rotating, going past the windows. A man stands inside windmill. He is wearing white overalls. With water on the lens, the family exit the windmill doors and past the man wearing white overalls. The windmill is in the distance.

In the garden, a model windmill's blades turn quickly as the wind pushes them. People walk across a bridge, over a river, and in front of a windmill on the other side of the riverbank. Across the other side of the road, the windmill's blades are stationary.

A boy sits on the grass watching the windmill blades rotate as the shadow passes by him. Inside the windmill, the cogs that make the blades rotate are turning on wooden pivots. There is also a sack of flower which is attached to a rope and is pulled upwards. Flour is poured from the machine into sacks. Two sacks of flour are leaning next to the windmill door. As the blades rotate people walk around the balcony of the windmill. From the top of the windmill looking down to the ground, the shadow of the windmill and the rotating blades are seen on the grass where a boy is sitting. Two people sit on the grass watching a blond boy jump over the shadows of the windmills blades. A view of the windmill looking up from the ground as the blades rotate. In the surrounding landscape cows graze in a field.

In the garden the blond boy is sitting on the grass playing with a windmill made out of a construction set with blue, red and yellow pieces. The boy turns the handle on the back of the model to make the blades on the front rotate.

There is a white house with wooden beams is seen from the other side of the road and the street sign (Pelham Avenue).

A model windmill is in the garden with stationary blades, and another windmill model has rotating blades. A very large windmill model stands next to the bushes and has rotating blades. A man leans inside one of the windmill models showing the cogs, staircases and balcony. Tools and parts of models are laid out around the garden. A man takes the tools off of a large grinding stone and uses a pointed hammer to ground corn into flour in the grooves of the stone.

Next, there are aerial shots of the windmill in the countryside. Outside the windmill is a sign: Skidby Mill. Skidby Mill is Yorkshire`s last working windmill, a four-sailed tower mill built in 1821 by Norman and Smithson of Hull. The smaller blades on the windmill rotate before the larger blades begin to turn. A man stands on the balcony of the windmill and uses a large stick to help the blades build momentum. The film closes with a view of the windmill in the distance.