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YFA 2929



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Made by A R Smith, this film features Ann, age 2, as she reads a book before bedtime.  However, this is no ordinary bedtime story, for as she reads about the animals, each one comes to life.  After finishing the book, Ann goes upstairs and climbs into bed with all of her toys. 

"A Bedtime Story"
"Filmed by A R Smith"

In the background of the titles is a picture of a pig sitting with some chickens.

Title: "With Ann Aged Two",

Ann is in background.

Ann, is dressed in a blue dressing gown, slippers, and night clothes.  With a doll in her hand, she enters the living room.  Ann arranges her doll on the sofa with her other toys already there.

Whilst cradling a doll in her hand, she picks up a book with a horse on the front titled "Our Friends."  She opens the book to a page with ducks.

Four children play by the side of a lake and feed the ducks.  One of the children has a net.  

Ann is still on the sofa, now reading about rabbits.  Real rabbits sit eating some grass.  Ann reads the next page about a kitten.  Real Siamese kittens crawl around on a mat.  Ann then passes the book in front of a doll to read.  She looks at horses in the book, and Ann points to an ornament of horses on a shelf.  Real horses stand in a field.

A puppet pops up behind the sofa on which Ann is seated.  She turns and tries to grab at it.  The puppet claps.   Two wooden Owl-shaped salt and pepper shakers turn towards each other.  Ann laughs and continues to read with the same pattern of looking at animals in the book, then real ones.  This occurs with: pigs, cows, sheep and hens.

Ann kisses all her toys on the sofa individually before gathering them all up and taking them to bed.  She arranges them all on her bed then gets in herself. She sucks her thumb and then falls fast asleep.

Title: "The End"