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NEFA 20941



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An amateur film made by Danny Webster, Vice-Principle of Bede College in Durham, of a trip by students from the college to Bergen, Norway in 1949.

[Black and white] The film begins with a number of male students of various ages looking at maps of Norway both outside and in a classroom. They are seen on a train and getting on the ferry at Newcastle Quayside. There are views of the ship being towed away from the quayside and heading out into the sea via Tynemouth. General views of the ship at sea showing one student being sick over the side of the ship and others sitting on the deck in the sun. General views of the harbour at Bergen with both small fishing boats and ferry’s crossing the water.

The film cuts to show the students take a trip to a farm where there are views of cattle in a shed. The student take a ride on the Floibanen funicular railway and there are views from the of the surrounding countryside. General views of the students eating a meal in a canteen or restaurant.

The student visits a school or college where male students perform a gymnastics display. They visit a woodwork shop and watch female students working in a kitchen and in a classroom sewing. A number of students are filmed wearing with pride metal necklaces.

The group next visit a primary school where they are shown a young girl in a dentist chair having a tooth drilled. General views of children in a playground. A young boy knits in a classroom. A number of other male students work in a metalwork shop. Another group of male students play brass instruments as part of an orchestra. General view of a woman working on a loom.

[Colour] General views of the harbour and students travelling on the Floibanen funicular railway. In a wooded area three boys throw snowballs. General views of a small stream and rural area.

[Black and white] The students take a bus journey into the surrounding mountains. [Colour] General views from the bus as it travels along a country road. The boys have a snowball fight followed by views of the surrounding countryside and waterfall. There is a view of a pipeline going up a mountain in a wooded area. General views of the surrounded countryside and fiords seen from a mountain lookout point.

The final part of the film shows the students on a train in a railway station. They wave to a small crowd of people as their boat pulls away from the quay side.