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NEFA 20934



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A film made by Danny Webster, Vice-Principle of Bede College of Bede Day which took place on Whit Monday [3rd June] 1963. Filmed at Durham Racecourse, it shows various activities and events taking place around the racecourse including children playing various fairground games and displays of Judo, gymnastics and trampolining. The film ends with views of people packing up at the end of the day and a group of men enjoying a beer.

A crowd of adults and children stand around a trellis table. A poster hanging from the table reads: ‘Here it is! New Austin A40’. In the background someone can be seen bouncing on a trampoline.

Behind a trellis table a man writes in a receipt book; a number of coins lay on the table beside him. A large crowd stands on the other side of the table.  

General view of a small crowd of young people standing beside a large marquee.

Watched over by a large crowd a young girl tries to throw a Ping-Pong ball into glass bowl that is laid out on a table beside a number of other bowls. She misses.

Men harness a shire horse to a Vaux delivery wagon. A second horse is already harnessed.  

A large crowd stand around as a young girl and then a young boy in a red school cap attempt to roll a small ball up a tilted painted wooden table into a series of holes. Beside them are other painted tables into which other people attempt to roll balls.

A boy in blazer and tie takes two weighted sacks from another young man and throws them. A coconut sitting on a spring is hit and falls off. On the ground the coconut has been split in two.

A small girl rolls a number of coins down a small slide onto a painted table on which numbers have been written. She is being helped by an adult standing behind her.

A woman walks away from a van holding two ice creams with flakes in them. Behind her a large queue waits to be served.

The film cuts a large crowd surrounding a display area on which a group of men in Judo outfits throwing themselves across a large mat. [The first part of this sequence is out of focus].

A trampoline is set up in the middle of a display field.

General views show a series of male gymnasts performing a series of tumbles and another male gymnast performing on the trampoline.

A family group sit on the grass relaxing.

A young man walks past carrying a large sack. Two other men walk past carrying another sack.

General views of various items being carried and loaded into vehicles.

A man places a number of small boxes into a metal basket that is being held by a second man.

Seven men stand beside a marquee chatting; some of them are drinking beer from a bottle.

A man stands beside a yellow flat-bed lorry drinking beer from a bottle.

A number of empty beer bottles are seen being placed into a cardboard box.

General view of a small crowd standing beside a marquee.

An older man in glasses holding a newspaper walks away from a set of folded chairs leaning against the marquee. A young man comes over and starts talking with him.

The man stands beside a car. In the rear window is a small sign that reads: ‘Bede Day is on Whit Monday’.

The film ends with him climbing into the back of the car and beginning to remove the sign.