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YFA 4864



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This film is part of the Beck Collection and features Sheffield during the Second World War.  The film also includes brief footage of Churchill’s visit to Sheffield. 

The film begins outside the Sheffield train station.  There are two men on horseback, possibly policemen or other security guards.  A large crowd has gathered along the street and at the entrance to the train station.  A car passes from which Winston Churchill waves to the crowd.  He stands up in the back of the car and gives his sign signature “V” sign.

The next part of the film contains family footage.  A little boy plays with a tricycle with a wooden pony on the front.  Children and other family members play around.  One of the boys is dressed in a top hat and pretends to meet his mother and the other ladies present.  They all play up for the camera.

Now at the seaside in the winter, the boys stand with their mother and look out onto the sea.  A wave crashes against the rocky shore which results in one of the boys getting very wet.  They all laugh, and there is more splashing before the family makes their way back from the water’s edge.  There is a shot of sea foam and the coastline, and the film ends with the family as they sit, relax, and enjoy the view.