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YFA 3411



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Made by Lucy Fairbank, this film is a travelogue around some of Yorkshire's most famous sites including footage of Harrogate, Knaresborough, and Fountains Abbey among other notable locations.

Title-Beautiful Yorkshire

The film opens with a shot of several cars parked beside a field in the countryside. Some cart horses look over a fence at the camera.

Title-Harrogate. Great Britain's Largest Spa.

Shots of the city centre, the monuments, a large, stone obelisk, the locals wandering around and the busy traffic. A newspaper seller has a sign which reads `The King goes to St. Paul's' and this is followed by shots of the main street, a park and large buildings.


There are shots of the river all the way down to the viaduct which spans the river. At the edge of the water, there is a jetty and a sign for river trips. There are shots of the different buildings in the village along the river as well as the ruins of Knaresborough Castle, a small market, and a local newsagent.

Title- Brimham Rocks- The Wonder of Nidderdale.

A man is walking up the rocky path with a horse and cart; the shots take in the surrounding countryside. The man is standing beside a large bolder and he rocks it backwards and forwards to show that they are not all joined together. There are lingering shots of the large, unusual, rocky formations on the landscape. The man with the cart walks down the hill away from the rocks using a different track. A man and two women are walking down the track in the direction of the camera.

Title-Ripon and Fountains Abbey.

A young girl and a toddler walk across a field towards the bridge Ripon with the medieval cathedral looming behind it. The film then cuts to show two boys fishing in the river, and two others boys pulling wach other on a barrow.  In Ripon twon centre a man cycles past selling ice creams, past the market and Unicorn Hotel.  A soldier goes in and out of a newsagent, and following that many lingering shots of the various parts of the cathedral.

The following shots are of Fountains Abbey where there are extensive shots of the many arches that still survive within the ruined building. Many visitors wander around the ruins with guide books and sit on the grass on the grounds of the Abbey.

There is a sign for `Burnsall' and then a shot of `Fell Hotel' and Tree Hutton surrounded by grounds and countryside. There is a shot of a farmer entering a field to herd his cows and one of anther farmer ploughing a field with a hand plough and two horses. There are also brief shots of two women in hiking gear, walking along a next to a river away from the camera and two women and a man having a picnic on the grass besides the river.

Title-The End.