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NEFA 22052



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An amateur film made by John Percival Staddon that records views of attractions and landmarks in the Lake District and North Yorkshire.

Title: Overdale Presents

Title: Beautiful Britain

Title: Autumn in Lakeland

Title: Grasmere

Although dull weather, the camera captures the mountains and calm waters of Grasmere. General views follow of the landscape, pools of sunlight light up areas around the lakeside.

Title: Grasmere to Sour Milk Ghyll

A sign advertises a guest house named as ‘Beck Allans’. Two women wearing coats and hats leave the guest house and walk along the road. A view shows a church tower and clock nearby.

Panoramic views follow of fields and hills. The camera follows the two women as they walk down a track. A stream runs near the path they follow, eventually they come to Sour Milk Ghyll, a waterfall cascading over rocks in the hillside. The waterfall is surrounded by the russet brown of autumn foliage.

A high angle view shows the stream below the falls flowing off into the distance. General views show a river and in the distance a whitewashed house.

Title: Derwentwater

This sequence opens with clouds over distant mountains and a long jetty reaching out into the lake in the foreground. The low cloud with the sunlight filtering through give very atmospheric views of the landscape seen across the lake, and to the mountains beyond.  A view through tall trees shows three women sitting on a bench overlooking the lake, and a man stands nearby taking in the view. A group of other people join them. This larger (family?) group pose for the camera.

The film cuts to a view where the sun picks out fields and a village in the distance. Grey cloud looms over the scene.

Title: Spring in Lakeland

Title: Grassmere (sic) and Rydal Water

The opening view shows a blue lake, green hills and blue sky. A small boat makes its way across the lake.

The film cuts to a man walking along a pavement towards the camera. He is holding a still camera, he turns his back on the film camera and takes a photograph.

A general view of a river follows.

A woman approaches some steps which will take her onto a wooden bridge which she crosses. A view of a wood follows decorated with a carpet of bluebells. General views show reeds growing at the edge of a lake with views of the hills beyond.

Title: The Maypole Dance at Langdale

Young girls dressed in pale colours dance around a maypole. They hold onto coloured ribbons which are attached to the top of the pole. During the dance the girls cross ribbons, which creates patterns. They let go of the ribbons, dance in a circle around the maypole then head off back into the group of people watching.

The film cuts to more bluebells in a wood, then to views of young cattle in a pen.

Title: Derwentwater

The view (from a boat?) shows the flat calm waters of the lake. In the distance a copse and beyond that hills and mountains. A tourist pleasure boat passes by, another passes by travelling in the opposite direction.

Title: A Cottage near Borrowdale

A view of a whitewashed cottage nestling below a wooded hillside. The film cuts to an elegant stone bridge over a river. Two boys on the bridge lower fishing lines (?) into the river below.

Title: At Bowness on Windermere

A large white tour boat goes slowly across the lake. In the foreground a jetty, nearby elegant swans swim on the water. General views show various small boats on the lake. A group of four people enjoy the views from a rowing boat.

Title: From Lakeland to Yorkshire

Title: Bolton Abbey

A man walking down a path towards some old sandstone buildings. General views show, from across the river Wharfe, the ruins of Bolton Abbey in Wharfedale. The film cuts to views of a castellated building on the estate(?). Cattle graze in the grounds. The film fades to the next title.

Title: Kirby Malham Church in the West Riding of Yorkshire Is Mainly of Late 15th and Early 16th Century

A general view shows the village and the church. The church is obscured by a building which has written on its gable end ‘Victoria Hotel – Fully Licensed- Massey’s Burnley Ales’

Title: Skipton Parish Church

A woman and small child walk along the perimeter path of the imposing Skipton Church. A closer view shows the large clock on the church tower.

Title: Spring Flowers in Valley Gardens Harrogate

A wide path is lined with pink cherry blossom trees, making an attractive walk for visitors who go through this section of the gardens. Blooms overflow flowerbeds and more pink cherry blossom appears on trees. Closer views follow of cherry blossom, showing the colour and structure of the flowers. A number of benches along the paths beckon those who want to relax and take in the views or read a newspaper. More general views of the flower displays follow.

Title: No Colours Barred

View of four coloured children in a pram.

Title: Floral Beauty in the Town.

Workers prepare to plant, from hundreds of pots, large displays in town centre green spaces.

Title: Wensleydale the Falls at West Burton After the Rain

General views of Cauldron Falls and cascades of water flowing along Walden Beck.

Title: Aysgarth Falls in Spring and Summer

General views show the river Ure in full spate as it flows over the terraced waterfalls at Aysgarth.

Title: A visit to Rievaulx Abbey

Title: 18th Century Temples and a Look at the Abbey from Rievaulx Terrace.

Title: The Greek temple and its Painted Ceiling

A woman in a red dress walks across a lawn, with large trees in the background. She heads towards the Greek temple in the grounds of Rievaulx Abbey. She climbs the steps to enter the temple, then she leaves the temple. She walks across the grass, stopping to take a look at some of the shrubbery. From her viewpoint high above the abbey, she looks down on the ruins.

Title: The Ionic Temple

This temple is quite small and circular in its construction. The woman seen earlier walks around the walls of the central core of the building. She then walks down some steps and away from the building.

More views from above the abbey ruins follow. The film cuts to a road sign which reads ‘Rievaulx’. General views show the abbey ruins, wild flowers, then more views of the ruins.

A group of people walk along one of the approach roads to Rievaulx Abbey, past a stone cottage.Next, a gate in a stone wall, is followed by a view of a path leading to a church. A brief view follows of a fresh water spring.

Title: Time for tea and goodbye to Rievaulx

On a grass verge at the roadside with the abbey in the background, a woman prepares to make tea. A kettle and primus stove are put to good use.

Title: Thornton le Dale and a Glimpse of Farndale

This sequence has an opening view of Thornton le Dale village and a picturesque thatched cottage, with Thornton Beck running by it. General views follow showing off this very tidy village with its well-kept gardens.

Ducks swim on the beck, and a boy on his tricycle rides along the almost traffic free roads. Another view of the beck follows, a ford temporarily floods the road.

A view of road sign to Ellerburn follows. Two young girls push a pram across a bridge over the beck. At a row of cottages a man tends to his garden, the beck runs past the cottages. A closer view follows of the man at work as he tends to a flower bed. Another view of the beck shows it running alongside the road in a culvert or watercourse.

The thatched cottage seen at the beginning of the sequence appears again. A tractor drives along the beck.

Views of a hillside with trees at dusk (Farndale?) ends the film.

Title: The End