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Arnold Beaumont, filmmaker, has captured the Whit Walks in Sheffield during the mid 1970s. He helped organise the walks in his role as Secretary of Christian Education Council, and his son, Andrew, also contributed to the events as the conductor of the singers. There were up to 11 churches that would take part in the Whit Walks in Sheffield during this time period.

This film is made up of four reels of film documenting whit walks during the mid 1970s.

Whit Song (1975) 50 ft silent colour tramlines

This film documents a whit walk and song in Sheffield, 1975.

The film opens with a marching band and large procession following them. Many people in the crowd are holding large banners related to the church. The Queen of the procession is featured as well as many school children in the large and crowded procession.
At the park, there is a band playing music with all those who took part in the procession gathered around. After the song, the Queen is crowned on the small stage in the centre of the crowd. Two men with acoustic guitars perform a brief song, and the queen exits the stage. After the events at the park come to a close, the crowd begins to form up again in order to process away.

The film closes with a scene of two women on a sofa reading an Isle of Man holiday brochure.

Whit Walk (1976) 50 ft silent colour

This film documents two major events, the winter show around the Sheffield countryside and the Whit Walk of 1976.

The film begins with a few people sledding down a large hill which is just barely covered in snow. Three people are then walking around the countryside dressed in winter attire.
Inside a living room, two women are having a cup of tea while a small child plays in between them.
Back outside in the snow, two people walk though a path in the woods. The snowfall here is much greater than the sledding hill featured in the beginning. Also, among many shots of the countryside, there is a street sign which points towards Whirlow Bridge.

The next portion of the film documents the Whit Walk. The procession is led by the Queen with a marching band following close behind. There is a large crowd taking part. Once in the park, the crowd gathers round to listen to the band play. The film closes with a brief shot of the Queen being crowned on a small stage in the centre of the park.

Whit Song / Lord Mayor's Parade (1977) 50 ft silent colour

This film documents the Whit Walk and Lord Mayor's Parade in Sheffield, 1977.

The film opens with an acoustic band on a stage in the centre of the park with the Whit Walk crowd surrounding them. A conductor then gets on stage to conduct the band seated down in front. The older women of the community are seated on chairs close by while the rest of the processors are crowded around behind them. Leaving the park, the procession is led by the Queen and the marching band close behind.

The Lord Mayor's Parade makes it way through the town featuring a variety of different kinds of floats, many of which however are decorated in red, white, and blue or featuring the Union Jack. There are also many different marching bands which take part in the parade and are featured in between the many floats.

Whit 1978 / Yvonne Wedding (1978) 50 ft silent colour spotty image quality

This film documents the Whit Walk and a wedding in Sheffield.

The film begins with a sign reading Bank Holiday Sing. The Whit Walk procession begins near the church and features a large number of people, many carrying banners related to the church. There are also marching bands and the Queen of the procession.
The procession leads to the park where they all gather around for a song/prayer. After, the procession goes back out of the park.

The next part of the film documents a wedding. Various members of the wedding party stand and pose in different groups for the camera. After the ceremony and all the pictures have been taken, the bride and groom get into a car and drive off. The film closes with a brief shot of the wedding reception which takes place in a back garden of someone's house.