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Made by Yorkshire filmmaker Eric Hall, this holiday travelogue visits some of the most famous castles of the Loire region of France.  The film includes extensive intertitles to identify the places visited.  

Title – A Hallmark Production
Title – Beau Regard
Title – Photographed and edited by J Eric Hall

A French flag flies from the battlements of a castle.

Title – The whole of France is steeped in the pageantry of history…

An array of French coats of arms is shown.

Title – But no place can lay claim to a more glorious part of this tapestry than…

Title - The Valley of the River Loire

An illustrated map of the Loire region of France is seen.

Title – The glories of the past still ring through its mighty and enchanting chateaux

A woman’s hands hold open a book about the Loire valley, turning the pages to show various images of the region’s history.

Title – Like a mother superior gazing down upon this glittering scene stands…
Title – Chartres cathedral

The medieval spires of the cathedral are seen rising above the more recent town, followed by views of the building from different positions outside. Inside, light illuminates the large round stained glass window. In Chartres, a woman wearing a traditional tall lace Bigouden headdress sells lace work from a wooden table. 

Title – A valley guarded by the spirit of Joan of Arc, maid of…

Title – Orleans

Traffic crosses a main square in the town of Orleans and an imposing statue of Joan of Arc on horseback is seen atop a plinth. The towers of a cathedral can be seen, as well as a colourful stained glass window.

Title – Bursting upon us like a creation of a master confectioner turned architect comes…
Title – Chambord

The majestic Chateau de Chambord, built in the French Renaissance style with elaborate decoration, stands in large grounds. Mrs Hall, the filmmaker’s wife, and a young man, probably her son, sit and take in the view. 

Title – But to the peaceful river let our eyes now turn…

The view over a wide river can be seen, with people crossing a large stone bridge. A man carries fishing nets over his shoulder and other men fish in the river, showing their catch to the camera. A young man cycles across another bridge which has stone archways atop it.

Title – Blois – one-time capital of France

The River Loire is seen from one bank, with stone buildings with black spires and towers on the other. A low stone bridge spans the river.

Title – Murder and intrigue were enacted within these walls…

Inside a castle courtyard, the details of carved stone pillars are shown. The building has a cloister and windows with stone balconies. In a narrow street, a small child plays and flowering plants grow up the walls. 

Title – One breathes the scented air of history at…
Title – Azay le Rideau

The Château d'Azay-le-Rideau sits on an island in a river and has conical towers at each corner. The reflection of the castle is seen in the still waters of the river. A young girl hangs over a low stone wall and looks at the lily pads on the water.

Title – Like castles from a thousand fairy tales…
Title – Chaumont – Amboise – Saumur

Visitors cross the footbridge into a Château de Chaumont. Inside, a panel of stained glass is seen. A second castle, probably the Château d’Amboise is seen from across a river. Mrs Hall and her son descend the steps of a third, probably the Château de Saumur.

Title – Cheverny – Beauregard

A large palace is seen from across a manicured lawn with neat shrubs in the centre. A French flag flies from the roof.

Title – Caves hewn from the hillside at Bourré
Title – Inhabited by generations of peasants since the sixth century

Narrow steps lead up to small dwellings in the hillside, the front wall of one of which is painted red. 

Title – Langeais
Title – A harmonious disorder of roofs, cables, turrets…

A castle with conical black towers is shown from different angles. Visitors enter and leave via stone steps.

Title – A masterpiece in stone…
Title – A blending of grace and elegance with mighty strength…
Title – Chenonceau

The vast white castle of Chenonceau is seen from the grounds on a sunny day. The towers reflect in the waters of the River Cher. Nearby the castle are ornate gardens and a bridge where a group of tourists look out over the water. The whole castle is seen again, reflected in the perfectly still blue water.

Title – A country rich with the scent of flowers, and fruit…

Mrs Hall picks wild flowers by the roadside, apples and pears are seen hanging from the boughs of trees, followed by green grapes on a vine. 

Title – Of bread and wine…

A young girl walks down a street carrying a large baguette and a paper bag full of grapes. Another girl stands in front of a large barrel which dwarfs her. Two glasses of wine, one red and one white, sit by two wine bottles on a table top.

Title – And like ornaments adorning a royal crown…
Title – Its people, fashioned and tanned by the rough hand of time

Three elderly labourers stand in a field, leaning on their pitchforks. Men drive horse drawn carts through a village and a man in heavy clogs stands on a cobbled pavement, wearing a wicker basket on his back.

Title – In all, a pleasant land of wondrous heritage

People sit under parasols at a pavement café. A newspaper is seen with a wine bottle and grapes lying on it.

Title – How fine a shrine at which to render homage. 

A hand is seen raising a glass of wine and Eric Hall, the filmmaker, sits next to his wife and takes a sip.

Title – The End