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This Tyne Tees Television Newsview magazine item captures the highlights of either the semi-final or final of the North East Group Competition sponsored by Tyne Tees Television and the Northern Echo, held at the Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 11 September 1964. A selection of beat bands plays in front of a wild and fashionable teenage crowd, including The Rocking D-Jays from Trimdon. This news magazine item won the 1964 Encyclopaedia Britannica Award for cameraman Norman Jackson.

The beat band, the Rocking D-Jays is performing on stage at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle upon Tyne, enjoyed by an excited crowd. Close-up of two trendy teenage girls at the front of the audience, both with backcombed bob hairstyles. General view of the band on stage. A close-up follows of the sweaty bass guitar player singing at a microphone. A jacket thrown from the audience lands on the head of the drummer, Brian Quincey. He pulls it off and continues playing. Fans are going wild near the stage, held back by a bouncer, trying to keep control. Brief close-up of maracas played on stage. Close-up of a girl fan, screaming, swooning, tearful, shaking her head to the music, in a scrum of fans dancing and screaming. The good-natured crowd surges back and forth in front of the stage.

Four members of a different band, dressed in dark jackets and slim jim ties (?) stand at the front of the stage acknowledging the audience cheers after their set.

 A bouncer carries a young woman who has fainted through the crowd.

A low angle shot captures a musician in the Rocking D-Jays performing on stage, quickly followed by a brief shot of the drummer in action. Close-up of a trendy teenage girl with smoky, kohl-rimmed eyes, and bleached blond back-combed bob hairstyle, dancing along to the music. A panel of judges watch the act, four men and one woman, including an ex-Tyne Tees Television programme controller.

A close-up follows of the lead singer in the Rocking D-Jays, fans enjoying themselves in the audience.

A young woman plays maracas on stage with the band as pandemonium reigns in the crowd of fans, young women screaming themselves into hysteria as the band performs on stage. Some in the crowd react to the band on stage with shouts of "off" and a teenage boy in a hat makes a thumbs-down gesture. Girls in the crowd continue to scream themselves into a kind of fan-mania. One of the musicians on stage plays harmonica then sings at the microphone. There's a close-up of a female performer's white winklepicker stiletto shoes. Shots alternate quickly between the wild crowd and performers on stage, including the woman playing maracas. A woman who has fainted is carried to the back of the club, a good number of men also in the audience at the Mayfair.

Note: Musicians in the Rocking D-Jays include Garry Chapman (guitar), Johnny Gunn (vocals), Brian Quincey (drums), Ronnie Davison (guitar), Dennis Jordan (guitar), Rob Hull (bass).