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YFA 1469



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Made by members of the Leeds Cine Club (later Leeds Movie Makers), this is a dramatic short thriller which involves the attacks of two office workers. Shot from the point of view of the assailant, it is not until the end when the camera is turned thus revealing the identity of the assailant.

Titles: 'The Beast Within'
Idea by Jan Morton
Starring: Fiona Coates, Jan Farish, Jan Morton, Dave Smith
Camera: Dave Morton, Arthur Steeles

The film begins in an office where an office worker (Jan) asks her younger work colleague (Pauline) what she is doing tonight and about her new boyfriend. Pauline begins to put on her makeup whilst Jan warns her of what might happen if she is caught by the boss, Miss Brown. Pauline talks about the prowler outside, and Jan speculates that maybe he is after 'old iron pants', Miss Brown, who then walks in as they are having a laugh. Miss Brown then gives Pauline a telling off for putting makeup on during working hours.

Jan and Pauline leave the office at the end of the day, and there is a man watching from behind the bushes.

As the women go their separate ways, someone stalks Pauline as she walks across a field, and as she turns around, she is stabbed by an unseen assailant. Her cries are heard by Jan who rushes over and is in turn stabbed in the neck by a hooded assailant. As the assailant walks off, he or she is met by the man watching from the bushes who greets the assailant with, 'Hello Joyce, it is only me. I have been waiting to meet you.' At which point, he too is stabbed. He falls to the ground clutching a knife in his stomach. The assailant is revealed as Miss Brown, who explains that she had to something because they were all laughing at her.

The End