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YFA 92



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of the family at home and on holiday.

(Col., 1946)  The film begins in the family home, showing the flowers and a Labrador.  An elderly woman makes her way to the front door.  She is accompanied by an Alsatian.  The two dogs sit together on the lawn.  Peter lets the two dogs jump into the back seat of the family car. 

The film switches to a boat, the Swallow, making its way out to sea.  They go up to a lighthouse boat with 'Cork' written on the side.  Two young men (sons?) are dropped off and wave to them as they depart.  As they make their way back to the shore, there is a large building ahead of them.  The film returns to the garden, where Mrs Beardsell looks over the flower beds.  A group of people are sitting in chairs on a lawn where they take in the sun.  A man emerges from the large building behind them, possibly a hotel, and he is carrying a book. 

On some tennis courts, one of the sons (Peter?) is playing.  The film then moves onto a beach where one of the sons (David?) has just emerged from swimming in the sea.  He joins his mother and another woman who are lying on the sand.

(B&W, 1945)  Two young men are racing around the grounds of a large house on motorcycles.  They pull up in front of the camera, one of them with an 'L' plate.  A woman twirls a small dog around by its lead as it holds one end in its mouth.  The film finishes with Peter driving around on the motorcycle, with the film going backwards.