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YFA 66


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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection about a trip he and his son, Peter, make to someone living in the countryside.

(B&W)  The film begins with two men carrying two large cases into a house.  A woman unpacks the cases, and a boy does some repairs to his bike in the garden.  He is joined by another boy who gives him a helping hand changing an inner tube.  They test the inner tube for leaks in the garden pond.  Next, father and son load up the family car, wave goodbye to mother and drive off.  They arrive at a house in the country with a large garden, growing vegetables and with chickens.  A man makes a fire.

(Col.)  In the yard there are geese, a dog, hens and ducks.  Two men are building a summer house.

(B&W)  Two boys, in school blazers, do some trick cycling round the garden for their father.  Some of the film is speeded up.  The father then has a go and shows off his cycling skills.  The boys then play ball with two dogs. 

The film switches to the countryside, with a woman stood down by a brook, or river.  Where the water has formed a small pool a man stands in his swimming trunks.  A car drives along a road that runs alongside the river.  There are views over the misty valleys and a village.  Back in the grounds of the house three boys crawl around playing with guns, and then pose for the camera. Father and son then get back into the family car, wave goodbye and drive off.