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YFA 82



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection about his family, including a whimsical film from the point of view of their pet dog.  Lastly there is a film from three years later of a motor cycle race at Wooley Edge.

The film begins with the family relaxing on the beach at Scarborough.  The Victoria Hotel can be seen behind them.  A boy is digging the sand, and a girl in a sun hat skipping.  A young woman sitting on a deckchair eats an ice cream wafer.  A group of children, all wearing sun hats, scoop water from the sea in their buckets.  The beach is filled with people on deckchairs taking in the sun.  They get on the cliff top train ready to depart, before the film switches.

Intertitle –  Colour in the Garden

A boy helps the gardener tend the garden which is covered in flowers, many shown close up.  A small boy plays with a model airplane and then rides around on a tricycle.  He feeds the fish in the garden pond and plays with a ball with other family members. His older brother joins him on his bicycle.  The chauffer drives off in the car.  There is some clever photography.  The small boy plays with a dog.

Intertitle –  Gog's delight.  Written, adapted, produced and directed by "Whiskers".  At the camera Noel  T Beardsell
Intertitle –  First take a good look at me

There is a view of a dog.

Intertitle –  Two meet my leading lady

Mrs Beardsell is drinking tea.

Intertitle –  and the juvenile lead!

There is a small boy.

Intertitle –  get a move on, we're leaving today

The family have a picnic on the side of a country road, with the dog tucking in.

Intertitle –  "We film producers get very fagged – I'll take a nap while the gang clears up."

They clear up the picnic things, while the dog takes a snooze.

Intertitle –  and now for a quick fade out – Tail out of the first great WHISKERS Production.  To be continued  . . .

Title – Motor cycle racing at Wooley Edge  (1939)

(Col. faded)  A large crowd has gathered in the countryside, and lots of cars are parked up to watch.  Motor cycle riders line up.  Each rider wears a number on their back.  They race up a hill, around a dirt track, and across fields.  Spectators sit watching dotted around the circuit, some with tents.