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YFA 95



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Made by Noel Beardsell, this is a film documenting the various parties that took place at his house over the Christmas period in 1938.

Title - Christmas Parties 1938

Title - The Party Season opened on December 18th – with Noel’s Umpteenth Birthday
Title - The League of Relations assembled in full force.

Relatives are gathered round a table with a maid in the background. It appears to be a relatively formal affair but Noel comically eats a banana and there is a seat for the dog.

Title - Who said “CRACKERS!!!” – and what did they mean?

With the guests looking towards the ceiling, the camera pans up to show Christmas crackers hanging from the lightshade.

Title - If this didn’t ‘cap’ the lot!

The guests are wearing paper party hats and Mrs Beardsell reads out her joke.

Title - A Prodigal Son returns in disguise

Noel enters in disguise and the guests laugh.

Title - Birthdays pass – but Christmas appetites continue.

Two boys are seated at a table, one of them saying grace, before both tuck into bread and jam.

Title - An “Acting Test” for our Family Film Stars

Mrs Beardsell, playing the part of the casting director, sits in an armchair.  She is wearing a fur coat. One man comes down the stairs and looks shocked, before running upstairs again. Other members of the family do the same.

Title - Even the Camera-Man had a shot…

Noel also runs down stairs and back up again in horror.

Title – … but he was delighted to discover such a lively “corpse”.

Noel hugs and kisses the woman that had been pretending to be dead.

Title - Another kind of Corpse Reviver

A man fills a tankard with liquid and drinks, instantly putting him in high spirits.

Title - Of course the ladies had plenty to discuss.

A group of women are sat chatting on a sofa. The man with the tankard is shown lying on a bed in a drunken state. He fills up the tankard and falls back to sleep again, before the film heads back downstairs to the women in the sitting room.

Title - Dressing a Xmas Tree is half the fun…

Two boys put decorations on the Christmas tree with baubles and crackers.

Title - And when Santa Claus switched on the coloured lights…

The tree is being decorated again before a boy butters and eats some toast.

Title - Mother vanishes – in search of fresh supplies.

The boys are still eating at the table.

Title - It always snows this sort of thing at Christmas.

One of the boys puts another Christmas card on the mantelpiece and Noel picks him up to show him the higher ones.

Title - Even Grown-Ups get that Party Feeling too.

A group of adults sit around the dining table, upon which there is a large Christmas cake.

Title - Tea tastes twice as good at Christmas

The dinner party continues and the film comes to an end.

Title - “The more we pull together…”

Title - And so – MORE Parties, please!