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NEFA 21709



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A home movie by Austen McOlvin Laws showing the family on holiday at Beadnell in Northumberland and at home in Fenham Newcastle. The film also shows his daughters attending a party and playing games in the garden.

The film opens on a large saloon car parked outside a white house at Beadnell in Northumberland. A girl watches another on a swing. A third girl in shorts and jumper rushes past the camera.

General views of Beadnell harbour with a number of small sailing dinghies in it.

In a suburban garden, a young girl in a green bathing suit plays and performs tricks on a swing. She is joined by her older sister who begins to perform acrobatics on the swing. On the lawn they are joined by a third girl and do handstands.


A woman in a blue dress walks past. On a sports field a number of women take part in a skipping race.

In the back garden of a house, a group of eight young girls in smart party dresses are paraded along the lawn. At the rear is a small boy in red shorts. They are each carrying a balloon.

They play ring-a-ring-a-roses and all fall down. General views follow of the girls playing other games and race around the garden watched over by a man and woman.  

The film ends in the front garden of a house at Beadnell with two young girls playing tennis.