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NEFA 21710



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A home movie by Austen McOlvin Laws begins with a family visit to farm and a visit by his children’s grand-parent to Beadnell in Northumberland.

The film begins with a small girl feeding tit-bits to a goat through a wooden fence. She rushes down a country lane towards a man and woman standing beside another fence. They look over onto another girl in blue shorts and a blue top who is crawling along a small platform. They turn and the woman walks across the lane and looks down on the other side.

The girl in the blue top jumps over a fence and walks across a footbridge. She stands with her younger sister feeding the goat through the fence. Ducks and geese make their way over to the girls. The film cuts to a gaggle of geese drinking from a pond.

A woman holding the hand of a young girl comes out of a house followed by a couple. Beside a car, parked in a lane the woman says goodbye before she and a man get inside.

On horseback, a young girl is lead along Harbour Road and through Beadnell. Four others are accompanying them. Across the road from a red telephone box, the girl climbs off the horse.

Along a country road, an older woman and young girl pick berries from the bushes beside the road. The girl rushes past a parked car with its boot open.

A woman carrying two cases comes out of a house and places them beside a parked car.

Two older women stand beside a low wall. One of them wearing a red overcoat climbs over the wall and is helped back over by her companion and a third woman.

The film ends with three women and a girl coming out of a house and getting into a car.