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YFA 2938



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This film documents the production of a suit from the order received through to the end of production.

The film opens with a man in a factory taking out an order card. He then finds the material in the cloth sore, cuts it to the proper length, places the card in the folds, and loads the material on an overhead tray which carries the material to the other people in different departments in the factory.
The cutter then chooses the patterns to cut out the material, and in made to fit fashion, lines up the chalk outlines to properly fit the measurements. The pieces are then divided up and placed back on the moving trays where they will be carried on further down the assembly line.
Teenagers, about an estimated 5000 girls, work in the factory and are responsible for the liners of the suits.
In the main factory, other parts of the suit are sewn together by women at the many sewing machines. There is also a special station for pocket making and trouser assembly. The narrator points out the workers are efficient and also produce good quality products sighting about 100 pairs of trousers per hour and 8000 sleeve linings every week.
At the steam pressing section of the assembly line, safety comes first as these machines are specially designed so the workers cannot get their hands caught in the hot presses.
Finally the suit is fully assembled, sent to the dispatch department, and carried on its way to the customer.