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YFA 6288



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This amateur footage by Jack Lawson records the winter's snow in the countryside around the Taylor farm in Great Bavington and bathtime for baby Michael Taylor, filmed around 1961 and 62.

A bulldozer clears snow from a country road around Great Bavington to enable a lorry loaded with hay from the Hexham agricultural merchants J.S. Hubbuck to get through to the Taylor farm. A group of men help by shovelling snow. The road clearing team and the hay wagon pass two signs in the road. One is a road warning sign which reads, 'Cattle Grid'. The other is a road sign to Bellingham, which is ten miles away.

The next footage is probably at the Taylor family farm in Great Bavington where a very young baby Michael Taylor is getting attention from the family and is bathed in the kitchen sink. 

[The Lawsons owned a confectionary business on Northumberland Street but he was also a director of Newcastle United during a golden era for the club. ]