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YFA 6291



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This amateur film made by Jack Lawson looks at cars and drivers undergoing trial tests in a field in the country. Many of the cars taking part are now considered classic cars. This is followed by fun and antics for a farmer's family with a hayride and children and ponies on the Northumbrian farm.

A Morris Minor drives towards camera.  Parked nearby is a large Daimler or Jaguar. In the background a host of old British marques including Minis, a Ford Anglia and possibly a Singer.

The Morris Minor makes its way up a hill in the field. A scrutineer with a clip board takes notes. The car continues on its course, a few spectators present.  The hill gets steeper and the car stalls. The driver of the Morris again tries climbing a grassy bank, the car park in the background getting rather full. The car, carrying three people, continues on its way. One of the scrutineers runs after it to check on how it handles a particular spot on the course.

A small Austin Healey Sprite sports car gets underway on the trials course. On one of the hills, the single passenger bounces up and down to help the car grip the grassy surface. It doesn’t quite make it to the top of one of the steeper sections of the course.

Next, a Ford Anglia 100E attempts the course, again watched closely by one of the scrutineers. The film cuts to another Austin Healey Sprite on the course, checked by scrutineers over the various sections. A white Austin Healey Sprite is next. The woman passenger tries her best to help the car along.

Two children play cricket in a field, and there are two chicken coops next to a stone wall in the background. The boy with the cricket bat hits the ball and the girl who is bowling and a younger child retrieve the ball as the boy makes runs between the wickets. Another ball, and the boys sends it down the field. The younger child goes to retrieve it, and the boy makes runs. The girl takes the bat and the boy bowls. She makes the running while the other girl retrieves the ball.

General view of a wooded hillside, with cows and sheep dotted about the scenery. A tractor tows a cart piled with hay, a dog walking in front of the tractor as children and adults sit happily swaying on top of the hay. The children wave at the camera. The tractor goes through a gateway into a farmyard, and the passengers hop off. The adults help the driver reorganise the hay bales on the cart to prevent them falling off. Driving the tractor once again, the farmer reverses the heavily loaded trailer into a barn.

A small Mini car drives away from the farm gateway. The children seen earlier attend to a couple of ponies not far from a large house. They lead the ponies onto a grassy area where they can graze, and the children can groom them.

The farmer who drove the tractor walks by with his dog. A younger girl follows wearing a plaster cast over one of her ankles, which makes her limp. Another young girl in a purple and blue dress appears carrying two bottles. A woman approaches with the family dog at her side. The young boy and girl carry on grooming the ponies.

At a field gate in the distance, one of the other younger girls watches as the farmer and his dog walk on through the field.

The boy and girl mount their ponies. The girl eats an ice lolly as they both ride off. The boy's pony is reluctant to set off but the farmer's hand gives it some encouragement. The boy turns round on his pony and makes faces at the camera. The girl also has difficulty making her pony move. A younger girl tempts the animal with her ice lolly. The pony follows, and then the rider takes control and walks down the road to where the boy is waiting on his pony. They enter a field. 

Three young girls and their mother sit eating ice lollies. One of the girls makes the thumbs up sign at the camera. Next to the first girl are some bottles of beer and some glasses. One of the glasses is filled with beer. The girl who gave the thumbs sign picks up the pint glass and holds it in front of the camera. She puts the glass down and goes back to sit near her mother. The farmer appears and sits next to them.

The girl and boy riders walk up the track from the field they entered earlier with the ponies, a younger girl with them. The two riders appear to be carrying the bridles and saddles from their ponies.

A white MG sports car makes its way up the road, followed by a red Austin Healey Sprite, with white walled tyres and two white stripes on the bonnet. They halt near the field entrance, then carry on up the road, past the house.  

The boy chases one of the young girls across the grass area where the ponies grazed. The film cuts to show the boy climbing on a cart or trolley with large pot like items on it. The girl he was chasing plays with something on the road nearby. The boy jumps off the cart and chases the girl again, they run towards the camera where he catches up with her.   

Next the boy is seen riding a bike near the field entrance. The film ends where two young girls investigate some rolls of wire mesh fencing which stand next to a building.