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YFA 6290



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This amateur home movie probably filmed by Chris Lawson records the Taylor family and toddler Michael at their farm in Great Bavington, the building of a new wall, and various scenes of family life with children around the farm and next-door house, which probably belongs to the Lawsons.

Various shots record Mr. and Mrs. Taylor spending time outside on the farm with toddler Michael.

A mechanical digger clears away debris near a stone wall on the farm and loads it onto a lorry.

Riders on a hunt canter down a country lane; two of the riders are in red jackets. Various shots document life around the farm and the Lawson's country home in Great Bavington:  a woman and a baby in a pram, a Vauxhall Victor 'F' series car nearby, the Lawsons gardening and larking around for the camera, the man with his own cine camera, a toddler around the farmyard, children and toddler playing around a white Austin Mini parked at the farm, one girl holding a cricket bat, a tractor clearing stubble from a small patch of rough ground at the farm and putting in new top soil.

A general view follows of blue sky with clouds moving rapidly across, an experiment with fast speed filming.

Next an older man and a much younger man are building a brick wall at the house. Some younger children watch. The younger man sorts some bricks as the older one builds the wall. The younger man points to something in the distance. The film then shows a pony carrying two children along a road. Another young boy runs up to greet them as they arrive back at a farm.

The wall building continues. At a cottage the other side of the village road, a man paints a picket fence white, a Mini and a blue sports car parked nearby. One of the wall builders makes cement in a mixer.