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This amateur film photographed by H.H. Johnston from a story by J.N. Peterson shows an amateur football match, a group of walkers explore Riding Mill, Slaley, Blanchland and the seaside, followed by miscellaneous shots of other destinations by the group. 'Life Begins With A Ball' shows a baby playing with a ball, then three older children play and finally 'Bowls' a crown green bowling match.

The film begins with opening credits

Title: Story by J N Peterson, Players - Brotherhood Members, Photography by H H Johnston.

Title: Part 1 -Showing the football team in 'Various Aspects'

Title: The Football Club - Presentation of kits by 'Wor Joe'!

Title: Who will now say a word or the players

Title: Nickomenso, Presto, Begorro, Flip

Title: Glaxo Babies - Ready for the fray

General views follow of a football match in an open field.

Title: Battling for Honours

More general views of the match follow

Title: Goal, Goal Goal,Goal

Title: The heavy side of the game - wor Joe to the rescue.

A clash of two players in front of the goal, and one falls to the ground and appears to be unconscious. The injured player is given aid to try and revive him and help him to his feet.

Title: Goals galore

The match continues with a goal kick

Title: Ted all right and out of sight.

Title: Too old at 40 - by gum when AR was a lad

General view of a group of men in overcoats and hats watching from the sidelines.

Title: Part II - A section that covers a lot of ground.

Title: Hikers will take the 9.30 bus to...

Title: We roll up...keep your eye on Percy...says you!

A group of people walk up the steps of a large terraced house.

Title: Where the Romans trod...old Roman bridge at Riding Mill

The hikers pose for the camera as they walk over the old bridge as they take in the view over a burn

Title: Slaley...we call for lunch after the first 5 miles.

General views show the hikers walking into a pub.

Title: The quaint old inn has church pews in the public rooms and dining rooms, purchased from a nearby church at Healy [Healey]

Title: Hikers at their best - an important part of the days outing.

Using a section of film that is reversed, a man sitting on the grass appears to be 'regurgitating' the pie that he's eating.

Title: Like giants refreshed - we resume our way.

The hikers leave the old inn.

Title: On the road to Blanchland - Steadily shoulder to shoulder

General views of the hiking group show them walking along a road.

Title: The old compelling silences, the hush of lonely hills, the golden foe of gorse and broom and sheltering tormetal, they lure me to the land of youth, my deathless dreams abode, and I'll go swinging, singing down the old Roman road. C A Renshaw.

Title: Climbing to Blanchland moor over 1000 feet above sea level with the Cheviots in the distance.

Title: We have now walked ten miles and like Charley's Aunt we are still running (walking)

General views show walkers following a track through forest.

Title: Blanchland - nestled in the hollow of the moors, rich in history and romance and 10 miles to the nearest station.

The hikers take another refreshment break. A board above the entrance to a building reads 'Mrs Robsons Refreshment Rooms' . The hikers make their way inside.

Title: A rest by the way and so ends the day after 22 miles.

The film cuts to a group of people sitting on a beach.

Title: A seaside (sc)ramble - when he was not king of the castle.

A group plays enthusiastically with a ball on the beach.

Title: Pearce pierces the gloom

Title: Why Hikers Hike - A few shots taken en route from the hikers point of view

Two girls step onto rocks as they go across a river. They collect berries from a hedge nearby. A woman gets out of a car.

View of a phantom car ride as it travels along a mountainous valley [Lake District?]. General views follow of a hilly landscape with snow lying on a mountain top, followed by more views from a car travelling down a country lane.

Title: Are you a member of our Hikers Club. 2/- per annum. Hikes on Saturdays and holidays.

Title: Life begins with a ball

A baby sits and plays on a beach with a ball

Title: A little encouragement from the ladies

A group of women around the baby try to encourage the baby to roll it back to them.

Title: But it doesn't last long

Title: I wish they would keep it up

Title: Children love a ball

In a garden three boys stand in a circle and throw a ball to each other.

Title: Budding Seymours

The boys play an impromptu game of football.

Title: We follow the ball, football, golf, tennis, croquet, netball, push ball, hockey, but the greatets of all is

Title: Bowls

General view of a game of bowls being played on a bowling green.

Title: We arrange a night at bowls

Two men are shown in deep conversation.

Title: Our night

The word 'our' is crossed out on a notice board by a disembodied hand using chalk.

Title: Some of the B'hoys

A general view follows of bowlers on the green.

Title: Tinker Taylor Jol....[remainder of word scrubbed out]

Man delivers a bowl across green. General views of other bowlers follow.

Title: Sir Francis Drake could not come so we got Dover.

Bowlers on the green finish a game

Title: Picken the Goodens

A referee measures the distance between the bowls and the jack (the smaller pale coloured bowl)/

Title: Had-don a bit

The measuring continues. Then more deliveries are made by the bowlers.

Title: Oh wad some power the gifties gaes us ta see ourselves as others see us [from a poem by Robert Burns - To A Louse, On Seeing One on a Lady's Bonnet at Church]

Title: The man our wives object to that's where the money goes

Title: Our Captain

A bowls game continues.

Title: Tittle his lordship

Title: The camera caught Millar napping

Title: Brother Dick

The film cuts abruptly to a small bird sitting on the back of a chair.

Title: Sorry! Wrong film

The film cuts back to the bowls game.

Title: If you can't bowl them up! Kick em

The bowlers at the end gather the bowls together with their feet to start a new game.

Title: A dickey measure ?

A number of bowls' distance from the pale coloured jack is measured. Another game starts , various bowlers gather at the 'head' to examine their bowls position in relation to the jack.

Title: Night and they still played on.

The bowls match continues in fading light.

Title: But what they meet when they get home

The film cuts to a bird in a cage singing.

Title: A different tail on payday

Cut to a dog licking someone’s hand [out of focus]

Title: This institute cost nearly a £1000. The film you have just seen has been produced voluntary and is shown to help our fund.

[The following sequence has been removed because of damage]

Title: Do your bit - dig deep down

Title: The End

Remaining footage appears to be random views of an open newspaper.