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YFA 2943



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This film is a updated remake of the 1962 training film by Burton Tailoring and is designed to teach new employees the proper way to use their sewing machines. This film adheres very closely to the original, using the same instructor, and updates a few points and title cards.
Opening titles - Basick Machine Training Day One
Machine Control, Correct Handling, and Machine Maintenance

Additional title cards -
Material Handling
Machine Control B
Machining with Thread
Machine Control D
Rectangular lines
Straight lines 3/8 spaced
Back tack
Machine Maintenance
End title

Specifically noted in this film are that the new female workers are aged 15 years, and the schedule which they follow during their lessons is that of 50 minutes of work with a 10 minute break as the lessons require extensive concentration. For additional catalogue information, see entry for Basic Machine Training 1962.