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YFA 2942



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This film was made in order to accompany lessons for new young female employees to the factory. It is an overview of the proper ways to use and take care of the sewing machine.

Opening titles - The Training Department Presents
Basic Machine training Pat 1
Machine Control and Thread Up Maintenance
This film is intended to show the technical details of preliminary basic machine training.

The new students file into the classroom and sit down at their assigned sewing machines to begin their first day of training.
The instructor explains to the students about different types of stitching. She then displays the correct way to sit at the machine in order to be comfortable while you work. Other points of this part of the lesson include machine control, speed, and explanation of all parts of the machine.
After a review of important points, the lesson moves on teaching the proper way to pick up and load the cloth into the machine, thread machines, start and finish stitching, and how to make different types of stitches and designs.
Title cards followed by examples of the specific tasks included in the film:
Machine Control
Straight lines
Regular lines
Back tack
Machine Maintenance
The students then exit the classroom after a full day at work, and the film then closes with an end title.