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A compilation of home movies originally shot on standard 8mm by Thomas Teasdale during the 1960s and 1970s mainly focusing on his family either at home in West Denton, Newcastle upon Tyne or on the beach at Whitley Bay, Cullercoats or Tynemouth Longsands. The film also features the family visiting the Hoppings Fair in Newcastle and Spanish City in Whitley Bay as well as caravanning holidays to Scotland. However, the film begins in the village of Walbottle in 1960 and an official ceremony to mark the twinning of the village to another in France and ends with the family on holiday to Magaluf in Spain in the early 1970s.

The film opens in 1960, on The Green at Walbottle crowds gather beside a small platform draped in the French colours of red, white and blue with bunting hangs from poles around the green. Two tricolours and a Union Jack fly from a flag poles behind the stage. Nearby a brass band performs for the crowd as dignitaries make their way through.

On the platform a presentation takes place including speeches being made, gifts being exchanged and a document being signed.  Following the official ceremony a parade along Walbottle Road of a military marching band is followed by a choir performing on the stage for a crowd and a number dance troupe performing a variety folk dances.

At the family's semi-detached home in West Denton, Newcastle upon Tyne a small girl plays on a tricycle at the front of the house and rides along the street.

On the beach at Tynemouth Longsands the family relax and play on the beach, the film changes to show crowds of holidaymakers enjoying the Tynemouth outdoor pool. Three young girls play together on the beach and go paddling in the sea near to the outdoor pool. One of the girls is buried up to her neck in the sand. A small baby is placed into an inflatable dinghy but held securely in the surf.

Crowds enjoy the many fairground rides at the Hoppings Fair taking place on the Town Moor at Newcastle. A young girl waves at the camera as she passes by on one of the rides before riding on a carousel with her father. The family walks through the fair showing crowds enjoying many of the other rides and attractions.

In the garden of the family house the young girl seen previously sits at a small desk holding an ice lolly. A woman blows bubbles for her which she watches rising into the air. Three other small girls play together in a garden holding hands and walking in a circle.

Back on a beach two of the small girls help their father build a mound on which one of them sits. They all make sandcastles before paddling together in the sea.

A man and woman look over a road barrier towards the coastline. A family walk up a steep hill, behind them and below where they walk, a large lake. At the top they rest, a makeshift flag attached to a stick.

Back at home a girl rides her tricycle in the driveway of the family home and along the street, a younger girl sits at the back. A van pulls up to the house. A toddler comes out of the house to play with a group of children in the street. Another child in a push chair is pushed into the street where an older girl rides her tricycle. The two girls kiss and hug.

Beside a fence a small girl comes over and strokes the nose of a small horse or pony. A family take a walk through the countryside past a power station which stands in the valley below where they walk.

A girl stands at rear of a van, beside her a set of scales. She picks up three packages. An older girl sits in a push chair as her younger sibling holds a cup from which she drinks. They are both wearing the same polka-dot skirts and blue cardigans. A caravan and car are parked next to each other, where the two girls seen previously are now sitting. The film cuts to show the two girls now sitting in the backseat of the family car, a toddler with red hair sits between them as a man hitches the caravan to the car. The girls wave as they drive away.

A phantom car ride along a coast road is followed by a man and the two girls walking together along a quayside near Largs in North Ayreshire. A toddler sits in a pushchair nearby. At a nearby fair two girls enjoy a number of children’s rides. The family walk along Gallowgate in Largs, past St Columba’s parish church.

The film changes to shows crowds enjoys a pleasure boat travelling along a coastline followed by the girls paddling in the water and playing in the sand. The caravan is parked in a caravan park, nearby washing hangs from a line. A woman and baby sit inside the caravan, the girls sit in the backseat of the car.

A group of women and girls sit on the steps of a house, a couple stand at the garden gate smoking cigarettes. Two men and a boy play football while a woman and two girls sit on a blanket reading.

A number of horned cattle peek through a barbed wire fence. A boy sits in a rowing boat at the edge of a river, while a group of people stand around watching before walking through the countryside following the riverbank and scaring a number of sheep.

Back in the family home it is Christmas as two girls play with a number of new toys beside the Christmas tree. The younger girl tries out a rocking horse, the older girl is given some makeup and attempts to put on lipstick. More presents are opened including a yellow cardigan and a tricycle for the older girl. The tricycle has a seat where her younger sister sitds. The older girl then pushes a pram around the living room and takes out the doll lying inside it.  

On a beach two older girls play in the sand along with a third younger child. Families and children paddle in the sea nearby. A number of younger children play in the sand before enjoying a picnic.         

In a large garden two girls wave balloons in the air. They let them go and watch as they fly up into the sky passing over crowds as well as a large marquee.

Two girls squat at the corner of a field,  followed by views of people walking or jumping across the stones in a river. The two girls walk across the stones hand-in-hand with their father and then paddle in pools of water and throw stones.

Three girls walk across the driveway of the family home wearing high heeled shoes. General views follow of various children playing in the driveway or garden of the family home. A pair of hands attempts to feed a very young featherless chick which has fallen from a nest and now sits in a small hat beside a bush. Two men, one holding a small boy, adjust his clothing as he stands beside a stone wall in a terraced back alley, then walks away.

On Cullercoats beach a young girl is buried in the sand. On the beach a religious service is taking place for a group of children sitting on the sand. They sing a hymn folowing words written on a flipchart accompanied by a man playing an accordion.  The family pack up and leave.

Inside the fairground at Spanish City, Whitley Bay crowds enjoy the many rides and attractions. The family walk around the fair passing ‘The House of Fun’ and watch a ‘Dive Bomber’ spin round and round. The cars on a waltzer ride speed past [dark] followed by the children looking at a number of colourful parakeets and other birds on a perch.

Along the promenade at Whitley Bay crowds walk past a number of decorative flowerbeds, one dedicated to the jubilee of the Girl Guides 1910 to 1960. Two girls walk around the garden near to the entrance to the Empress Ballroom.

In the garden of a house a woman hands out ice creams, the youngest daughter seen previously gets an ice lolly which she drops on the grass. Her older sister also gets a lolly, the family relax as they enjoy their treats.

A group of sword dancers perform for a small crowd in a village, another member of the troupe dressed as a clown collects money from the audience in a large hat.

On a beach the family sit watching a man perform somersaults in the sand, which is followed by the two girls playing with a red ball in a garden with an older boy. An older woman comes out and joins them and they play together.

In the driveway of the family home two women stand chatting as children play around them. The younger girl is carried into the back garden where they continue to play.

A toddler in reins comes along a road, waves splash on a beach, these images are followed followed by the two girls playing together on a swing in the garden of the family home. Out at the front of the house they ride together on a tricycle and wave at the camera.

An older woman holds a baby in her arms, four children play in the garden before holding hands and spinning together. They all pick daisys together before running around the garden.

A group of five children stand or sit in the doorway of a house as a woman approaches. She comes and stands behind them in the doorway posing for the camera. The two girls play together in the back yard of a terraced house.

The family sit together inside a tent followed by views of a crowded and busy campsite. One of the girls gets a piece of rope from her mother and is tied up by an older boy. Inside a tent a man and woman smoke cigarettes after a meal which is on a table in front of them. The two girls and their father walk through the campsite together hand-in-hand.

In the garden of the family home another tent has been erected as the older girl takes washing down from a clothes line.

The family walk along the path leading to Lindisfarne Castle, the father climbs down the slope collecting flowers which he passes to his daughters. They sniff at a number of poppies. Holding hands the girls run along grassy slopes behind the castle followed by other members of the family.   

Beside a caravan the two girls play with rackets and a red ball while two women relax inside. The two girls skip happily through a field. Thi is followed by views of a large lake surrounded by mountains, possibly in Scotland. The father carries the youngest girl on his back as they walk along a path and cross a woodland stream. They continue their country walk followed by views of distant mountains and landscape.

One of the girls looks directly into the camera,  a small boy pushes a younger girl on a swing in a garden. A woman leads a group of children holding hands as they walk around another standing in the middle  They all play with various outdoor toys including a slide, the swing seen previously and a sandbox. 

The film changes to show a man playing with a baby on a beach beside the promenade wall at Cullercoats. They go paddling in the sea and a woman joins them.  A younger baby lies on a mat, a number of older children play on the sand and a number of women paddle in the sea with their babies [ghosting]

A man and small child look at rose bushes in the front garden of the family home. Back on the beach at Tynemouth Longsands a woman brushes a man’s hair with a comb followed by views of a family group relaxing on the sand. A man carries a small child on his shoulders walking through the surf passing crowds and enjoying the beach as the family paddle in the sea. [ghosting]

The film changes to show the family playing with a ball in the surf off a beach at Magaluf in Spain. A woman and a very small baby paddle in the surf as an older child sits on a beach lounger beside the baby now in a push chair. From the balcony of a hotel room children play in the playground and the large swimming pool below. A sign on the roof of the opposite hotel complex reads ‘Hotel Magaluf Park’. A man on an adjacent balcony waves. General views follow of the hotel complex and people relaxing beside the pool.

On the beach people relax on the sand and a couple pedal past on a pedalo. A group of children stand beside a donkey near to the beach stroking and patting it. On the sand a woman holds the small baby seen previously while two girls play with buckets and spades nearby. The beach is crowded with deck chairs and people enjoying the sun. The family relax on the beach followed by them sitting at outdoor tables at a café.

The family visit an aquarium where dolphins and seals swim in a pool and pelicans rest nearby. In an arena a man on horseback rides around passing a number of Spanish bullfighters standing nearby. A large crowd watches the events in the arena and a band performs nearby. A number of bullfighters perform for crowds in a series of pretend and real bull fights.

Back on the beach the family relax, the film changes as the small baby seen previously lies naked on a mat in a garden. The family relax sunbathing by a pool at the hotel complex. A number of children and a man try to climb a palm tree followed by the family swimming in the pool. The film ends with views of the busy beach and the family swimming in the sea or playing on a pedalo.