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NEFA 8817



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A home movie produced by Charles William Carr showing his family at the family home in Peterlee as well as with other relatives at Wickersley near Rotherham  and Branston near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. They are also seen playing together on a number of beaches including Bridlington, Scarborough and Weston Super Mare where a group of women play football.

The film opens with a family enjoying a picnic. A child sits in a pushchair followed by views of the same child riding on a tricycle in a Peterlee street in the company of his father and older brother [some ghosting].

A number of children ride in a motorboat on the 'Parade Boating Pool' then a change of scene with the children playing in a garden at Wickersley posing for camera and running around.  Inside the house a woman and child sit at a table beside an older woman [under exposed].

Outside a man cleans his car, a pre-war Chrysler, in the driveway of a semi-detached house at Wickersley. A view of a rock garden is followed by a woman and small boy in a garden. The woman helps him change his tank-top. The boy holding three dead birds in his hand changes to a man, possibly a game keeper, standing in his garden at Branston near Melton Mowbray.

In a garden the family with an older woman with a walking stick changes to the same family walking along a busy promenade believed to be Bridlington. On the beach the family paddle in the sea at what is thought to be Scarborough with the ruined castle on the cliffs above them.

The film ends with a group of women playing football on another beach with a large pier in the background at Weston Super Mare.  The film ends with the woman swinging the boy around in the air.