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NEFA 8814



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A home movie produced by Charles William Carr that features a wedding in London and a number of family holidays, predominately around Weston Super Mare in Somerset, but also briefly a visit to Kuwait in the Middle East. The film includes the family watching television at home in Peterlee.

The film opens with two small boys and a toddler playing in a field, then playing on a beach and paddling in the sea.

The film changes to a civil wedding taking place at Claxton Hall in London in 1954 with the happy couple, family and friends standing around on steps outside the building. The film cuts to the couple in an apartment at Dolphin Square, London with an Episcopal Bishop and his wife both in vestments. The couple and their son pose for the camera followed by the cutting of the wedding cake.

A family watching television in the living room of their house in Peterlee is followed by views of the Alps filmed from an aircraft. General views follow of a street scene in Kuwait with traffic and pedestrians.

The couple seen previously in the film walk along a promenade with another couple; the location is believed to be Weston Super Mare. In a garden a man plays with a boy and girl, another young child sits in a pram.

A small boy paddles in an outdoor swimming pool, nearby a number of people dive into the pool from a high board. A woman swims with the boy and catches him when he uses a slide to enter the water.

On the beach at Weston Super Mare the family sit in deck chairs around a canvas tent. The boy takes a ride in a carriage pulled by a donkey, writing along the side of the carriage reads 'Queen Mary'. The Grand Pier and pavilion can be seen in the background.

A man walking along a street, possibly Wells in Somerset, is followed by a view inside a church. On a cricket pitch a match is being played.

A number of lion cubs are filmed in a cage in a zoo, and is followed by children taking a ride on an elephant. The film returns to the beach at Weston Super Mare and a 360 degree view of the beach.  Two boys play with a rubber ring then the film changes to show passengers on a boat travelling along the coastline, a racing yacht travels past.

Beside a tent a man and boy smarten their clothes for the camera before the film returns to the beach where a boy and girl play with a rubber ring in the surf. A woman leads a group of children as they play with a ball. The film ends in a garden of a house where two men pose with a number of children.