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YFA 5680



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This is one from a set of films from the Baron family of Leeds made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron.  It includes film of the family at home and enjoying themselves in a park, as well as two children’s birthday parties, and a holiday in the Lleyn Peninsula, Wales.

A boy in a red jumper is riding a tricycle, while there is a girl in a pram, and another girl on another tricycle.  This is followed by seeing a girl in a peddle car and a boy on a bicycle riding around a street, in 1960.  Three children, a man, and two women (possibly grandparents Oddy and Hetty), are frolicking about in a park.  They are all holding hands in a line, with the man play-acting and pressing his nose to a window of a park hut, near a large country house (film notes say “"First Park Anniversary"). 

A ginger-haired woman, possibly the mother, holds a baby, Rebecca, and the mother and another woman, Madeleine and Gwynnie, play peek-a-boo with her, in 1961.  Another girl is with a black and white dog in the garden.  Some children are doing maintenance to their bicycles, and washing the garage door.  There is more film of the baby and of the small girl, Olivia, in the garden in her ballet practice dress.

Mother stands in front of a blue car, with the family seated around the table.  The family, Oddy, Hetty, M. H. and O (Madeleine, Helen and Olivia?) are then seen in a wood, having their photos taken and picking wild flowers.  Next there are two birthday parties, for Helen, aged 6, and Olivia, aged 4. Children, seated around a table, are eating, and a girl blows out the candles on a pink birthday cake.

The final section of the film features a family holiday in Wales in 1963, with M. H. R. and O (Madeleine, Helen, Rebecca and Olivia?).  They visit the Lleyn Peninsula, where they play on the beach at Abersoch.  Then they visit Caernarvon Castle, before setting off, stopping to fill up with fuel, and crossing a suspension bridge, possibly the Menai Suspension Bridge, and visit an exhibition of model people that dressed in some traditional costume.  They next do an extensive walking tour of Portmeiron, where the children roll down a grass slope.  A boy plays with a Meccano crane, and they visit an outdoor market, with a woman wearing traditional Welsh dress.  Indoors Rebecca does “the twist”, and there is a close-up of the children before the film comes to an end.