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YFA 5679



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This is one from a set of films from the Baron family of Leeds made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron.  This starts with the first experiments of colour film made by Alec baron in 1935, and then turns to family films made after the war, including a trip to Scarborough and Robin Hood’s Bay, and finally to the Edinburgh Festival of 1959 and to Expo 58 in Brussels.

(Col.)  Looking at a paper he is holding, a man in white trousers and glasses stands in a park.  He is followed by another man, (Alec?), also standing in the park and posing for the camera.  Then two women are shown close-up.  Someone is shown lying on the grass.  These are their first colour tests with the camera, circa 1935.

(B&W)  Some boys are playing on the beach at Hove in 1953.  Chatting women are seated on deckchairs.  There is a group of men and women having tea on the beach, larking about and are clearly having fun.  Some of them go swimming and a few go out on canoes.

The film switches again to a scene with a toddler, Michael Appleson, tottering around the lounge (at S H Road), being watched by his mother.

(Col.)  The family, with Jon and Beatrice Rumney, are on the beach at Scarborough playing with a ball in 1954.  Michael plays with a white dog.  They drive off to Robin Hood’s Bay where they walk down some of the narrow passageways.  Some are seated on a balcony.  They are then seen at Bridlington where there are boats moored on the sand when the tide is out.  Among them is a Swedish boat, “Lucien Bergen.”   They can next be seen on the packed beach, with a small boy with a bucket and spade, and men and women playing with a beach ball.  The boy goes on a donkey ride, and they take the Scarborough cliff lift.  

They are then back home, with Helen in an armchair, and in their back garden where the children are being photographed with the Edelstons.  There is a small girl, and an older girl inspecting the roses, while a boy rides a bike.  (Rebecca’s 4th birthday party in 1965)

The programme for the Edinburgh Festival of 1959 is shown to the camera.  They, M. H. O. (Madeleine, Helen and Olivia?), and Phyllis, visit Queen’s Street in Edinburgh and then Carlton Hill.  They wander around the Hill and have a picnic on the grass.  They are then seen on Gullane beach, with a woman lying next to the sea.  There is a small girl with an inflatable life saver.  A boy paddles in the sea, while a boy is digging with a spade.  They write “Dunbar” in the sand.  

There is a fishing boat with what looks like a catch of prawns, with Berwick written on the wooden crate, possibly at Portobello.  A boy and a girl are with a woman looking at sailing boats on a lake.  They leave their apartment on Regent Street, with a girl pushing a pushchair with a smaller girl sat in it.  Back on the beach they are making a sand castle.  They are then seen on a boat passing underneath the Forth Bridge.

In their back garden, Helen is playing at nurses with another child.  There is a mother holding a baby, while another child, Olivia, is taking her first steps, and pushing a horse on wheels.  We are then shown a poster advertising the Easter Fair on Woodhouse Moor in April 1959.  There are many rides, including a carousel and double swings.  There are also stalls and fairground games.

The final section of the film takes place in Belgium, with M. H. O. (Madeleine, Helen and Olivia?), where there are boats in a harbour at Knokke, eels, and a large skate.  A child sits in a pram, with what looks like two families eating at a table.  A woman in national costume is seated outdoors, demonstrating crocheting.  Children ride in peddle cars on a small course.  There are shots of gardens followed by a display on horsemanship with lances.  They visit the World’s Fair, Expo 58 Exhibition in Brussels, passing the Atomium.  Children go on swings and a large slide.  There is a display of veteran cars by the Veterans Club of Belgium, the “Rallye Der Vlaanderen”, possibly at Walcheren.  The children get behind the wheels of several of the cars.  A crowd watches as the cars set off.