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YFA 11



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A film featuring Kathleen Cole as a small child, and a family christening, made by Kathleen's father.

Titles: 'Kathleen Mary' 'Daughter of Albert and Elsie Thornton' 'born 6.30 am On Feb.10th 1939 D2 ward St Luke's hospital Bradford'

The film opens with a very brief shot of a woman holding up a baby, Kathleen, and switches to a woman pushing a pram along a path in a park with a lake in the background. Just to the right of the path is a smaller pond with two guns standing on the side. The woman continues walking with the pram along the path before switching to a man pushing the same pram along another section of path. In a back garden a small boy clambers into a toy car and given a push by a man, and a woman is holding a baby.

Intertitle: 'Holy Baptism' 'produced by Dad' 'photography by Uncle Stanley' 'Godmothers: Auntie Edith and Auntie Mary Godfather: Uncle Arthur' A couple emerge from the front door of 15 North Street with a woman holding a baby, followed by two other women and get into a car. The first part of the journey is filmed looking forward from the passenger seat of the car (a phantom ride) before the car is seen arriving at a country church. The vicar stands waiting in the Church porch. They get out of the car a woman poses with the baby in a church doorway, followed by the couple posing in the same doorway. They then re-emerge from the church with the baby and get back into the car. They drive back to the house, again with a part of the journey filmed as a phantom ride. Some other men come out of the house with a small boy.

A woman takes the baby into the back garden and sits in a deckchair, with another woman and a young man fussing over the baby. Outside the house there are close up shots of the mother and baby. The baby is then taken in a plastic cot and placed on the back seat of the car.

The film switches to the car parked in a country lane with sheep on the moors. A park with a pond is seen from on top of a hill. Again the baby is seen lying in the back seat of the car. Back at the house different women are holding and playing with the baby, who then gets bathed in an enamel bowl. More people pose holding the baby outside the house. Further up the street a group of women congregate around a pram with the baby in it. Then various people are seen pushing prams in the street and in a park. Two women are seated on a park bench posing with the baby, soon joined by others.

Back at the front step of the house the baby is first presented with a cuddly toy and then is held standing up before being passed around various people for the camera.

The film switches to a small decorated Christmas tree with Christmas cards, and a woman enters the picture carrying the baby. Adults then come over and present to the baby several cuddly toy animals. The baby then gets another bath.