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This is a fictional story performed by a class of school children at Foxhill Junior School in Queensbury, Bradford, in 1957. Performed outside, the play involves a group of children who capture two bank robbers.

Title - Foxhill Films present
The Bank Robbers
By Class 2c

The film opens with a group of school children playing in a field. They suddenly become serious, and one of them points into the distance.

Title - I wonder what those two are doing.

The children creep up on two boys who, in the next field, bury something in the ground before running off. The children then run over to dig up what was buried and find an OXO tin containing a large bundle of £1 notes. They pass it around examining the bundle.

Title - Let's tell the Police
Title - No!

The children discuss what to do next.

Title - We'll watch till they come back. Then we'll get the gang.

Three children stand watch, two of them reading comics and one of them check the time on his pocket watch. Meanwhile a group of the children go to a local shop where they see headlines or the Daily Express: "Boys steal £100 from bank" and "£100 stolen by clever trick." The children chip in to buy a copy of the paper and gather around to read the story. Later in the afternoon, the two boys return to get their money, and two of the look-out children run off: the girl to the phone box and the boy to round up more of his classmates. The group of children all dash towards the two boys who are looking for their buried loot. The robbers see them coming and run off, but they are chased by the group of children. Meanwhile, the girl waits for a police car to arrive. When it does, she gets in, and off they go. Eventually the two boys are caught by the group of children chasing them. The children drag the robbers to the policeman who will handcuff them.

The policeman congratulates the school children, "Well done," and they wave to him as he drives away. Afterwards, the Bank Manager visits the school and gives the teacher a reward to share among the children. The film closes with the children cheering for the reward.