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YFA 357



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This Charles Chislett film consists of three parts, all featuring employees of William Deacon's Bank, Rotherham, where Chislett was manager. The first two are earlier, in black and white; the third part was made in about 1955 in colour. The first is of a works sports day, the second is a Sexton Blake inspired fictional thriller filmed partly at the bank, and the third is a staff day at Chislett's home.

(B&W) The film begins with a group of men in overcoats who are leaving the platform of Scrooby Railway Station. They stand and watch as several steam trains pass, including a streamlined Gresley A4 Pacific. The film then switches to a group of women sitting in a small stand of corrugated iron watching a works sports day, probably William Deacon's Bank; including a wheelbarrow race, egg and spoon race, sprinting, middle distance, high jump, and tug of war.

There follows a fictional thriller. A van pulls up with the words written on the side: "electricity" the matchless service. An unseen man pulls on black leather gloves and enters the bank. Inside, the electrician is shown the meter, which he reads, before knocking out the bank clerk. He dons a mask and checks his gun. Then two men find a vicar in a state of shock. The vicar is shown opening the safe, and then being led away by the two men. The electricity man comes out of hiding and pulls his gun on the three men as they are about to deposit a box. The vicar turns out to be an accomplice, and takes over from the gunman. He takes out rope from the box and ties up the two bank staff. He then steals from the safe and puts chloroform onto the handkerchiefs covering the mouths of the bank staff, accidently dropping a piece of paper as he leaves.

A female member of staff discovers the tied up bank staff. More bank staff arrive and untie the men. The woman finds the dropped piece of paper and reads it. Then several cars give chase to the robbers, who pull off the road, apparently with a tyre problem, and climb up a rock face. The bank staff arrive in three cars and give chase on foot. One of the robbers hides behind a rock with his gun drawn. As the rest of the staff wait, one of them ambushes the robber and a struggle follows. The robbers falls onto the road below and is killed.

Next the two men who play the robbers are seen lying asleep together in bed. Next to them is a comic book, 'The Blackmailed Banker' (pub. 1937 by Allan Blair, aka William J. Bayfield). They wake up and start fighting each other, and then laugh as the film finishes.

(Col.) 1955 The film switches to a group of women larking about in Mr Chislett's garden. They have a game of croquet. A woman sits on the grass with a boy. Grace provides tea and cakes. They then have a game of cricket. A woman twirls a man around and they both fall over. The staff sit around the outside of the garden at tables as the children play on rides, a slide, in a paddling pool and with a hose. A baby sits in a pram. An adult and children emerge from a bunker in the garden. A Scotch Terrier plays with a small child. Women play tennis with wooden bats; and others, including Rachel, Chislett's grown up daughter, play putting. Some play ring-a-ring-a-roses. The children have a race, and a man and woman shoot an air rifle. The whole group continue having tea and cakes and playing various games, and the film finishes with a shot of a young couple with their two children running across a field.