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Filmed around the Wakefield area in 1991, Bands and Banners follows miners who joined musical bands or created banners in support of their colliery during the Miners’ Strike. 

Using narration, it is explained that funding allowed for this film to be made to show the creativity that has come out of mining such as arts, music, bands and banners.  Artist Harry Malkin is interviewed.  He explains how he joined the art club while the Miners’ Strike was going on in Pontefract.  Footage shows men on scaffolding who put up a large painting of miners on the side of a building.  He becomes slightly emotional when he explains the personal meaning of those images.   

Bands:  Bob Walker, a Sharlston Colliery Band Conductor and Cornet player describes how he became a member of a band which was set up due to the Miners’ Strike.  There is footage of the band parading in Wakefield, Pontefract, and Featherstone. He explains how it is important for the musicians to be able to promote the colliery they support and the band. 

Banners:  Clive Corwell, the Branch Secretary of Allerton Silkston NUM, explains how the banners were made to carry around to promote the collieries.  He is now depositing one of their banners to Leeds Town Hall where it can be seen by the general public.  He also talks about where he got the inspiration from to make the banners.  Home movie footage is used and shows the banners and bands parading in the street.   

Alan Millward, a brass trombone player in the band, narrates over still images of the bands and banners on parade.  He explains how much he enjoys being a part of the group.  A banner is hung up, and the narrator explains that it was painted by Birmingham University during the strike.  Artist John Holt explains the process they undertake when they are asked to make a banner.  It then shows one of the banners that they have completed.