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YFA 5721



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This is a film Doug and Norah Brear of Wakefield Cine Club, which shows a class of infants learning maths and literacy though baking buns and having a party. 

Title – Baking Day

Infant children are playing in a school classroom.  As a commentary states, a child coming home from their first day at school will say that they have been playing.  But that this film will show that although children appear to be only playing, they are in fact also learning and finding things out for themselves.  And that if they are unable to do something for themselves someone else will help.  The teacher checks the hands of the children before they start baking buns, with some of the children washing their hands.  The go through the whole process of measuring, weighing, shifting flower and mixing the ingredients, with the commentary explaining that the children are learning about all these things as they go along, including manual dexterity.    

While waiting for the buns to bake, the children make fancy plate mats, while the teacher writes the ingredients on the blackboard.  They then copy from the blackboard a short sentence about the day’s activities.  The buns are taken out of the oven and the shop keeper takes over, and they buy the buns, using real money, pennies and threepenny bits.  At the end of the day the go outside into the playground, and organise for themselves a party.  Jeremy counts everyone, and children make squash drinks and hand out the cakes.  The commentary explains that the children have had a reading lesson, a writing lesson and a number lesson.  In addition, they have learnt something about working together and doing things for other people, although they only see it as playing.

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