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YFA 4128



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This is a film made by Halifax Cine and Video Club showing a baker at work making bread and many types of cakes.

The film begins at Townsend's & Barber's Confectioners shop, with a telephone number of Halifax 53163, and declaring that "parties catered for."

A woman comes out of the shop on a street corner, carrying a package. The baker then empties a large bag of flour and lump of lard into a mixing machine to make dough. As he waits for this to finish, he prepares the vanillas, which are placed onto baking foil. The dough is left to rise and he makes chocolate cake, and other cakes and fruit pies. The baker and his workmate then empty the large lump of dough onto a table and chop it into smaller pieces which one places into tins to rise again. He carries on making cream cakes. He puts the loaves into the oven, and meanwhile makes other cakes and buns, including Battenberg cake and a large round jam sponge cake. He takes the bread out of the oven. The narrator then states, "This will give you some idea of what goes on in the life of a baker." The film finishes showing some examples of cakes, including a 21st birthday cake for Stephen and some wedding cakes.

The End